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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!
The Final Goodbye.
7 days ago
28 days ago
Rocker Rohan
Rocker Rohan 2 hours ago
Count how many times says basketball in this vid
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 2 hours ago
Dahlia is a sweet heart ❤️. She is the one Brandon 👍🏼
Faded guy
Faded guy 2 hours ago
its dalia
Tharu Nanthakumar
Tharu Nanthakumar 2 hours ago
Almost 2 years and i still feel the pain
Frog Squad
Frog Squad 2 hours ago
I fucking love mike never lose contact with him
Its. Sufx
Its. Sufx 3 hours ago
Its. Sufx
Its. Sufx 3 hours ago
Bro ask her out she want to date but she wha if she is nervous
Oh Xodus
Oh Xodus 3 hours ago
aha they making my boy happy
Dripx skill
Dripx skill 3 hours ago
Hay make old man Mike your cameraman
Dom breezy Moran
Dom breezy Moran 3 hours ago
Brawdis has such a good heart ❤
stoney 2713
stoney 2713 3 hours ago
I feel the connection
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 3 hours ago
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell 3 hours ago
To be honest I really miss Jackie but seeing Brandon so happy makes me happy 🙂
FAITH IN GOD 3 hours ago
Roberto Ramirez, Sr.
I Love you.
Ruben Robles
Ruben Robles 3 hours ago
Don’t let her go we love Dalia and Brandon♥️
Steven Santos
Steven Santos 3 hours ago
Buy it but it but it
Bobby Macblain
Bobby Macblain 3 hours ago
She seems like an amazing girl, and she’s bad asf as a bonus 😂😂. Happy for Brawadis man 👏
Adam 3 hours ago
Hoop with him
FAITH IN GOD 3 hours ago
Faded guy
Faded guy 2 hours ago
lmaoo fax
desenia charity
desenia charity 3 hours ago
seeing brandon happy always puts a smile on my face :)))
Alex Macias
Alex Macias 3 hours ago
That’s You men 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Berrios
Alex Berrios 3 hours ago
Keep her brandoonnnn ! Don’t play her
drips X
drips X 3 hours ago
gurbsluhbrii 3 hours ago
Shelton Racing114
Shelton Racing114 3 hours ago
Get the house
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 3 hours ago
Nate 3 hours ago
He always makes people happy
Juanito Lira
Juanito Lira 3 hours ago
Keep it like that w that female fam.💪 But when the sun falls 😈 Sheeeeesh 🍑 🍆 😂 Nah jk but yk Wassu my boy! 💪🔥 Is all love
Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar 3 hours ago
You think he smashed her
Kamil Piskula
Kamil Piskula 3 hours ago
Guys,they broke up because of us...it would be nice to reply to me with sorry to them...you don't have to but it would be nice
Kamil Piskula
Kamil Piskula 3 hours ago
I'm sorry brandon and Jackie even tho I wasn't hating...still I'm sorry.i love both of you,you are one of my favourite youtuber s.i love you
Chance Guzman
Chance Guzman 4 hours ago
Bro u need to cut ur hair i hate it i like when u used to have short hair.
Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar 4 hours ago
0:54 she got that 🤤🤤
2Savio Coutinho
2Savio Coutinho 4 hours ago
hey u need to switch to gsw
Juanito Lira
Juanito Lira 4 hours ago
Get that ho G! I definitely see you in that house dawg!🔥💪 & Fuck them haters if it was Texas you can take care of em yourself bro but juss be careful, especially if you get that bad ass house bro!🔥🔥🤩
Chris SF
Chris SF 4 hours ago
Brandon I’m so fucking happy you with her you seem so happy man I hope all goes well much love mannn really hopeyou see this !
Sckope GARCIA 4 hours ago
Wtf she looks like my brother ex exactly alike
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 4 hours ago
Justice Yt
Justice Yt 4 hours ago
Ayy I’m from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Tia Favors
Tia Favors 4 hours ago
Thank you so much for the target fun today! I know you guys are into cars and my buddy is the drop stop inventor from shark tank! If you want to collaborate let me know!
Alexandra Sanjines
Alexandra Sanjines 4 hours ago
You should ask her to be your girl and what you did for Mike god bless u
denniseddie1 4 hours ago
You guys know what they did after the vid
Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors 3 hours ago
FazeDave101 559
FazeDave101 559 4 hours ago
Yo they be friends with benefits
Chandler Bratton
Chandler Bratton 4 hours ago
Mike is smooth
Brandon Villegas
Brandon Villegas 4 hours ago
Put it in ha😉
Rodrigo DeLeon
Rodrigo DeLeon 4 hours ago
Damn I love Mike man he needs to be in more vids
xRickaye 4 hours ago
My inspiration is you everyday Brandon thank you for putting smiles on our faces we appreciate you a lot!
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 4 hours ago
Eibraham Paz
Eibraham Paz 4 hours ago
Is ok bru just keep be ur self and it will be better then the last one bro live u keep the positive energy bro
Kavish Reddy
Kavish Reddy 4 hours ago
Can you change the rims on your mclaren
Cameron Abro
Cameron Abro 4 hours ago
more videos with dalia please bro
Carlos R
Carlos R 4 hours ago
Stop calling het ur friend bro
300 Million Followers
*To the people who are reading one day you guys will be successful. Don't give up too soon.*
KINGS 4 hours ago
Bro I need this to be a thing, You guys look so perfect together!!!
Ivette V
Ivette V 4 hours ago
Dahlia!!! She’s so amazing definitely a keeper ❤️ At least I hope
Faded guy
Faded guy 2 hours ago
its dalia
GODS_911 4 hours ago
Simpler times
Can’t be Beat
Can’t be Beat 4 hours ago
lol mr steal ur girl
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 4 hours ago
Mike lowkey tryna get at dalia 😂
tylerg6420 4 hours ago
Omg this is the best house
jenny l
jenny l 4 hours ago
Lmaooo I love your friends
Gabriel Galvan
Gabriel Galvan 4 hours ago
Bro just make her your girl already!!! She seems so cool and chill ...you guys look happy around each other
It’s me jossy G
It’s me jossy G 4 hours ago
I would like to visit there
Joel Dwyer
Joel Dwyer 4 hours ago
You're the biggest bitch boy
Matthew Valerio
Matthew Valerio 4 hours ago
Thought it was Annabel danger
Mojo No mojo
Mojo No mojo 4 hours ago
Bruhhhh she’s fine asf
jenny l
jenny l 4 hours ago
I actually like her energy!!!
129 4 hours ago
This video was so funny and i like your vids
Gerardo Jimenez
Gerardo Jimenez 4 hours ago
She’s a keeper 🙏🏼💯 Jackie could never !
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 4 hours ago
David Figuroa
David Figuroa 4 hours ago
She is cuter then jackie👁👄👁
Killerdistinct 5 hours ago
You need to get this man a town house or make him a roommate with you in your new house
Mina Henry
Mina Henry 5 hours ago
Ask her to be ur gf
Jovani Lopez
Jovani Lopez 5 hours ago
Why didn’t you just go to the car wash right there
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 5 hours ago
Jose Albelo
Jose Albelo 5 hours ago
Get the house that is crazy
Rose Wawai
Rose Wawai 5 hours ago
There's a reasons for everything..enjoy the journey
unknown R
unknown R 5 hours ago
get it
toastyjohn 5 hours ago
nope y'all are a dating , quit it
Nando ._
Nando ._ 5 hours ago
Mike hawk?