FaZe Rug vs Brawadis Basketball Challenge! **THIS WAS INTENSE** 

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Feb 3, 2021




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best choice
best choice Day ago
Rahul 2 days ago
Look to the left lambo
Athiesh .M
Athiesh .M 4 days ago
Sambhav Jain
Sambhav Jain 7 days ago
geniush krunal
geniush krunal 8 days ago
Vaibhav Garg
Vaibhav Garg 9 days ago
Knowledge videos
Knowledge videos 9 days ago
Nice video
Tilak Gowda
Tilak Gowda 9 days ago
U r a nice player
geniush krunal
geniush krunal 9 days ago
Lil Zz
Lil Zz 10 days ago
4:23 😳 wtf
Sudeep Varma
Sudeep Varma 11 days ago
NUGGET ROCKS 15 days ago
Aimee and Jasmine
Aimee and Jasmine 17 days ago
Brandon editing like 👁👄👁
0nly1_.babydestine 18 days ago
Haha look at faze rug im dead🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Simmonds
Joshua Simmonds 24 days ago
Rug your gay
Maxie C
Maxie C 26 days ago
Any one see rug at 4 minutes and 28 seconds
lazee boii
lazee boii Month ago
You gay
Ghost 29
Ghost 29 Month ago
Yo man he just went up and u knoe
Tabassum Yasmin
Tabassum Yasmin Month ago
Second game where is briannn????? lmfao
Saadiq Syaed
Saadiq Syaed Month ago
lorergna hernandez
Jamie Lee Ashton
Ha ha good challenge 👍😂
aedan Flan
aedan Flan Month ago
rug and sherman must have something happing between them
Sharif ahmadi
Sharif ahmadi Month ago
Noble No Peace
Noble No Peace Month ago
4:24 Rug and Anthony
Noble No Peace
Noble No Peace Month ago
Chris Coyle
Chris Coyle Month ago
Ayee we need more basketball videos. I like these ones
Camj Month ago
wut is up wit brawadises hair bro
Krucial NY
Krucial NY Month ago
Great video Brandon inspirational
Jayden cook
Jayden cook Month ago
Rug and Anthony tho chill after this video your gonna turn out gay
BigPapaTony Month ago
I love you
Vanessa Maria
Vanessa Maria Month ago
You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley
Luis Torres Lugo
4:20 chill rug
Boogie Rodriquez
Faze rug freaky🥱😂
Marcos Bernal
Marcos Bernal Month ago
Look at rug and sherman 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic Month ago
Brandon u that broke where u need to get paid by govee
adrian todoroki
adrian todoroki Month ago
Rug and sherman going at it ah ah ah aha ha ah ah ahhhhhh
Kream !
Kream ! Month ago
4:20 WTF
jorge nolasco
jorge nolasco 2 months ago
go bucs
Maurycy Fraczek
Maurycy Fraczek 2 months ago
4:23 look at Anthony and Rug😂😂😂
Carter Averett
Carter Averett 2 months ago
Where is Jackie now
X2 Duck
X2 Duck 2 months ago
Brawids I had a 100 poeple party for the super bowl
West South
West South 2 months ago
4:20 lil su s
Gina Morones
Gina Morones 2 months ago
I saw that rug
Hunter Dey
Hunter Dey 2 months ago
Rug why did u do that
Crxpz_ Fortnite mobile pro
Lucas and marcus called u out 2v2 basketball
Martaevien Watts
Martaevien Watts 2 months ago
OMG did you see what they did
JJ so Cool
JJ so Cool 2 months ago
Watch 4:22
Zach Attac Fishing
Zach Attac Fishing 2 months ago
4:20 and 4:35 is lowkey sus tho
Zacaiah Morcestanhope
4:23 look at faze rug😂😂
Derrell Logan
Derrell Logan 2 months ago
Dude in the red hat is sorry af 😐🤷🏽
Celia Bustamante
Celia Bustamante 2 months ago
Rugggggg what
alexis72lopez 2 months ago
Look that Brian and Anthony
Hi Fordedge Hi
Hi Fordedge Hi 2 months ago
M’y mans actually jumped brawdis
Bella Lozier
Bella Lozier 2 months ago
Brandon‘s headband was upside down 😂😂
Trx_isaac 2 months ago
4:22 there are kids watching
Tiquan Lemon
Tiquan Lemon 2 months ago
BeamOutOmar 2 months ago
Me: buys 99 cent store led lights work the same way
wxerves FC
wxerves FC 2 months ago
Yo whit did rug and Sherman nvm
ILY MOST 2 months ago
I like that inside pass 8:36.
Flying Chicken
Flying Chicken 2 months ago
Sweet home Alabama
Alexa Mancilla
Alexa Mancilla 2 months ago
Sherman after 9 months 🧑🏻‍🍼
Silverbullet 21
Silverbullet 21 2 months ago
yoo rug just smack sherman
Hector Cruz
Hector Cruz 2 months ago
At 4:32
Hector Cruz
Hector Cruz 2 months ago
FaZe rug sus look at the corner
Jace Moorer
Jace Moorer 2 months ago
go 4:20 sussssssssss
LilRed. Gaming
LilRed. Gaming 2 months ago
Yo I missed you bro much love bro
Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez 2 months ago
Anybody saw Faze rug and Anthony hump?
Lil c wayne h
Lil c wayne h 2 months ago
dan almanzar
dan almanzar 2 months ago
Man I missed these videos
Carson Sanes
Carson Sanes 2 months ago
Faze and Anthony gay
Kam 2 months ago
Rug huped Sherman lol
exazzo 2 months ago
GS7 2 months ago
Paul the Barber slaps!
YouTube Ex
YouTube Ex 2 months ago
4:23 rug and Anthony getting hot in the back😫
Brody Kaiswatum
Brody Kaiswatum 2 months ago
Yo skip it to 4:23 look at rug watch him 😂😂
Toxic_Slayer 21
Toxic_Slayer 21 2 months ago
4:25 wtf did i just see lmfaoo
pinkandsexy87 2 months ago
Delm they getting freaky
Eduardo Vallejo
Eduardo Vallejo 2 months ago
4 25
Megan Carey
Megan Carey 2 months ago
4:25 kinda sus
Ramon Chavez
Ramon Chavez 2 months ago
More like rug vs anthony 😏 4:20
Antonio GOD
Antonio GOD 2 months ago
4:21 ok faze rug gay comfirmed!!! NICE U BOTH HAVE GIRLFRIENDS YOU KNOW THAT
Blak Smith
Blak Smith 2 months ago
Sherman an rug gay
Joseph Zelaya
Joseph Zelaya 2 months ago
Go to 4:21 faze rug:🤤 sherman:😫
Shakeem Francis
Shakeem Francis 2 months ago
Faze sus
Bali Ali Techsupport
paul is firee
T 2 months ago
Aye Paul the Barber icy af🥶
Jayson Montoya
Jayson Montoya 2 months ago
4:24 me be like 😐
suri shaer
suri shaer 2 months ago
Buccaneers all the way tom brady is the goat
Maria Palma
Maria Palma 2 months ago
POV u came from tiktok
ibrahim almathee
ibrahim almathee 2 months ago
Rug can’t miss 😤😤🥵🥶🥴🥴
ibrahim almathee
ibrahim almathee 2 months ago
How many subs can I get off this
Abel Manriquez
Abel Manriquez 2 months ago
4 :24 rug did the nasty to. Anthony
Yo Boy Arturo
Yo Boy Arturo 2 months ago
Ayoooob what happen to clint he hasn’t be on your channel lately
Grace rocks
Grace rocks 2 months ago
Watch4:21 till 4:24 what is faze rug doing
Raul Benitez
Raul Benitez 2 months ago
A yoooo rug is sus
Easton Manuel
Easton Manuel 2 months ago
Rug Anthony chill bro at 4:24 rug and anthony get freaky
Tina Ray
Tina Ray 2 months ago
Rug you and sherman sweet
Alfredo Gastelum
Alfredo Gastelum 2 months ago
Paul the barber is cold ! He was throwing no look passes !!!
david 2 months ago
anyone know how tall anthony is?
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