Haters snuck into my house & did THIS... **SHOCKING FOOTAGE** 

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Mar 13, 2021




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Damon Smith
Damon Smith 5 days ago
It's so wrong what that kid did even if y'all where still living there or not
Damon Smith
Damon Smith 5 days ago
Your voice has never changed
Vero Guu
Vero Guu 5 days ago
You can just sow the video to the family but ok
granthebot5 6 days ago
Who remembers when Brian was doing the cinnamon challenge and he was coughing cinnamon and brawadis said not on my basketball hoop
Gigi Snow
Gigi Snow 7 days ago
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 10 days ago
Oh no 🤦‍♀️ that’s terrible
Teigeyy 12 days ago
Jav The Gamer
Jav The Gamer 14 days ago
Do you live. With faze rug
Henry & Iris
Henry & Iris 15 days ago
Lmao dad Suns up by two🤣💀
Fadila Mehmedovic
Fadila Mehmedovic 17 days ago
Have u guys noticed Anthony and Brandon don’t hang out anymore !!!
Dylan Ruler
Dylan Ruler 20 days ago
That is herendous and they should be sent down
Clipped by Omarie
Clipped by Omarie 20 days ago
It was so funny when you were talking to Bosley and you said “so your gonna eat my peanut butter, and then go in front of the door so you can walk out?”
Yngkdnited 21 day ago
I would love to see another collab with D Book.
Vsync 21 day ago
Yea but they did it 9months ago and they just posted the TikTok it was when nobody was living there
Natalia Castro
Natalia Castro 22 days ago
1:54 is hilarious
Natalia Castro
Natalia Castro 22 days ago
At 1:99
James Baker
James Baker 22 days ago
so the haters need to stop!!!!!
Imrafajr Vlogs
Imrafajr Vlogs 23 days ago
Seeing Young Faze Rug , Brandon & Anthony & now you guys are already adults now 🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez 23 days ago
remember when FaZe Rug did the cinnamon challenge at the very first house they lived at
faze paul
faze paul 23 days ago
8:31 thats me lost warzone game
faze paul
faze paul 23 days ago
Miss denis
XxEliTeXx 23 days ago
Brandon with short hair looks weird now 🦦
ApolloFadez 24 days ago
Yo any car people realize the RSX 👀😂
MrDalecris Ledesma
MrDalecris Ledesma 24 days ago
Am about to watch this
Faze rug Rug
Faze rug Rug 24 days ago
Omg why The f was the kids jumping on top of the
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 25 days ago
That was so dumb and wrong there so stupid and idiots they should be getting messed up for that.
Daniel Hurtado
Daniel Hurtado 25 days ago
if someone came into my backyard like those kids did each of them would have 5 bullets in their head no mf cap tht shit duz not slide under any circumstance🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️
Brant UGA
Brant UGA 25 days ago
I think the dumb people that went in the backyard should be arrested🚔🚓 for trespassing because a family 👪lives there
jimsavage jr
jimsavage jr 25 days ago
that,s tuff bro
EMG 25 days ago
Yo, now that I am watching this video...what ever happened to the homie with he beard that always be rockin the sweater and shorts?? I never seen him in the vlogs as of late!
EMG 25 days ago
Yo, now that I am watching this video...what ever happened to the homie with he beard that always be rockin the sweater and shorts?? I never seen him in the vlogs as of late!
obey me
obey me 25 days ago
wtff hn it feels like i been there from tha start🤣
Chance Guzman
Chance Guzman 25 days ago
Bro u need to cut that mop i like ur hair short alot better.
Angie Hild
Angie Hild 25 days ago
Maybe inform the people that are in the house so they can be on the lookout for them.
Jennifer Hochstetler
Its wrong
diana garcia
diana garcia 26 days ago
that is anthonys car btw lmfao cmon
diana garcia
diana garcia 26 days ago
they went 8 months ago lmaooooooooooo
Yvonne Y Vargas Cienfuegos
yeezy fire prank are the real OG’s !!!
M& M
M& M 26 days ago
Yes those kids where dumb but why keep posting the house on US-first if it not your house anymore, imagine being that family and having young kids and a creepy man drive by and record it pointing at your kids room
JAY-_- SNIPEZ 26 days ago
Dude the Yeezy‘s prank felt like it was just yesterday
YaBoyLaso 26 days ago
those kids are literally so stupid, yall havent lived in that house in like a year like wtf
denise carrasco
denise carrasco 26 days ago
Brandon I thought you guys owned the house
Milan Miko
Milan Miko 26 days ago
Those clips really got me🥲❤
MR.Catcha virus
MR.Catcha virus 26 days ago
Bro I still remember that day when Denise was there and when you hit a million memories now look at you bro almost at 6 million
Beverly Horn
Beverly Horn 26 days ago
🧐... very wrong of them .. I thought you were going to go tell the new owners! What do you think they’d say about it! Wow! Love ya Brandon and family ! Stay safe and healthy please 🥰🤗😘✊❤️
Ttvchubs23 Xxx
Ttvchubs23 Xxx 26 days ago
You should save up and buy your old house back, cuz theirs a lot of history like when you took a girl over and your parents didn’t know, and like all the skits, and when Anthony went and ate all your snacks. Ama misss all the vids from their 😢😢😔😔
Huma Imran
Huma Imran 26 days ago
Jenny P
Jenny P 26 days ago
It’s totally wrong! And if they were real fans they would of known that you don’t live there anymore. What amazing memories your family had made💙
Latisha Phagu
Latisha Phagu 27 days ago
Wow I am proud to say I'm subscriber of brawadis channel great work Brandon. We came long way
HecticTM 27 days ago
For all the day ones who remember the beef Brandon had with Laurence. And the “fight” that was supposed to happen at the park 😂😂
giovinco_0213 27 days ago
plot twist: those kids live there
JUANJAM JUAN 27 days ago
only the ogs know this place
nassman22 27 days ago
6:20 Anthony used to be so thin
JD Squad
JD Squad 27 days ago
I almost cried when it was his first blog
Jess R
Jess R 28 days ago
you should ask the new family if they gotten any paranormal activity
TrooperYT 28 days ago
People seeing him smell the air 😐
Sassy Girl
Sassy Girl 28 days ago
Dang, I didn’t even recognize Anthony when Brian was getting ready to jump in the pool in the living room at the old house. He looked so different
Juliana Cebrian
Juliana Cebrian 28 days ago
Really been here since day one can’t believe it time flew by like nothing 😔💔
That Cape Town Kid
That Cape Town Kid 28 days ago
Yo I think someone’s living here 😑😂🤣🤣
Lizandro Alvarez
Lizandro Alvarez 28 days ago
Y my manz look like CJ at 5:15
Gabriel Szafran
Gabriel Szafran 28 days ago
I love Brandon videos
Lovenson Pierre
Lovenson Pierre 28 days ago
Dang sad
Chinu Jaglan
Chinu Jaglan 28 days ago
SmokeNoti Daddy chava
Ima just stop watching this dude.
Kenan Almadhi
Kenan Almadhi 29 days ago
Wate is barradas Christian
Lisbeth Medina
Lisbeth Medina 29 days ago
Brandon looks better with his hair short.. like if you agree 😁
Levi Smith
Levi Smith 29 days ago
I think you should bye the old house back please do
Brian V
Brian V 29 days ago
Man i forgot how young you guys use to look like 😭
Kenny 29 days ago
My man's smelling the air🤣
burnamon 29 days ago
I would bring the TikTok video to the attention of the police. They can track that moron that jumped the fence by his user ID
william mccrea
william mccrea 29 days ago
Boy you better live son
Atra_Skillzz 29 days ago
I remember when you punched the tv from the suns losing last second 3 before rugs Christmas opening lmaooo
Keren Englard
Keren Englard 29 days ago
Those kids don’t know what privacy means
Billy Gonzales
Billy Gonzales 29 days ago
Only the OG’s know Odell we need him back but are y’all even cool?
Orlandoplays 29 days ago
The new family gonna LOVE THE GOST ❤️
Hafe Lemur
Hafe Lemur 29 days ago
i like how two ads popped up before devin booker walked in brandons room
Yanessia Montes
Yanessia Montes 29 days ago
you had abs since when
andrewgatess 29 days ago
Anthony was skinny
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 29 days ago
Brandon annoying as hell...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Emanuell L
Emanuell L 29 days ago
So stupid, your videos never will be the same like from 2 years ago
Glenda Sanchez
Glenda Sanchez 29 days ago
The Only Guzzy
The Only Guzzy 29 days ago
at 8:43 its almost like the basketball player was trying to dodge the kick (on the left side)
Martin Duran
Martin Duran 29 days ago
those were the best videos now its just whatever
Laila Khizer
Laila Khizer 29 days ago
Prank faze rug with emily, brawadis
-maddi -
-maddi - 29 days ago
I’m hoping the family that lives there is safe and isn’t experiencing the ghosts and spirits that live there.
xxTati 22 days ago
that was all fake
Brandon Ceja
Brandon Ceja 29 days ago
look at their tik tok pfp .. those are the same ppl that pulled up to brandon’s parents pad looking for rug recently
Eric’s Wrld
Eric’s Wrld 29 days ago
It’s crazy to see all old memories crazy how far they came I’ve been watching rug and Brandon since like 2014
eye m fredy
eye m fredy 29 days ago
The TIMEEEEE that’s past so far🥲🙂😩
Alondra Mondragon
Alondra Mondragon 29 days ago
I miss that house to but it is hunted😥
Lawrenze_02 29 days ago
I miss old Anthony
Brelynn Fitzgerald
Brelynn Fitzgerald 29 days ago
He click baited us
Ibrahim Patel
Ibrahim Patel 29 days ago
U find me yet
Monchizz-YT 29 days ago
Good old memories man 😪😪😪
Fatma Tahir
Fatma Tahir 29 days ago
No hate but I think it’s creepy how often he goes back to his old house.. if I was the new family in the house I would feel weird
Michelle Rosette
Michelle Rosette 29 days ago
No way he posted Lawrence, only the real ogs will understand
Jay Rorie
Jay Rorie 29 days ago
Damn we’re getting old bro
Nirvaan V
Nirvaan V 29 days ago
Brawadis: Im gonna do a vlog!!! Also Brawadis: I have no idea what a vlog is
Jay Rorie
Jay Rorie 29 days ago
Brawadis needs 10 mill subs let’s get him there !!! Everyone subscribe
Jay Rorie
Jay Rorie 29 days ago
Brandon is so humble omg your the goat bro frfr 🐐🐐🐐
Jay Rorie
Jay Rorie 29 days ago
Omg you’ve grown so much, I love you Brandon road to 6 million subs