How I Spent My Break.. 

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Feb 23, 2021




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Comments 100   
Azaan Saleem
Azaan Saleem 33 minutes ago
have u seen Dubai its really nice
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman 9 hours ago
ur nose loks fake
moshud ahmed
moshud ahmed 13 hours ago
we love u brandon i just love re watching u with jackie i was like why the fuck did jackie break that that shit of cutest away from ya’ll im disapointed btw i found that vid of phora thing feel bad bro love you bro hope u get the heart with jackie again bruv 😘
cheater jose alt
cheater jose alt 2 days ago
Jared Cortez
Jared Cortez 2 days ago
Yo I love ur mom brawadis
Loretta Micallef
Loretta Micallef 3 days ago
I have been subscribed for 5 years now love you Brandon❤️
Arjun Rajkumar
Arjun Rajkumar 5 days ago
Brandon I actually think the haters love u because they take the time and effort to message you😂💙
sebastian jandres
i love you rug family
Bed mario
Bed mario 6 days ago
hey man nice to take a brake and man you coud more and you have a good comments and that bad comments go **** your sef
Orheo 7 days ago
Brandon's Mom is so funny😂 I love her energy
Troy's gaming
Troy's gaming 7 days ago
Why did she change so much
armin Loves haunted
Ashley Hebb
Ashley Hebb 8 days ago
love you forever brandon , keep your head up always. we’re ALL here by your side. ❤️
m1asaep 8 days ago
ong this video was so wholesome and it just brought me sm tears brandon and every other hard working influencer deserve nothing but lowv and support never hate
m1asaep 8 days ago
bro i genuinely miss jackie ana brandon together, i just think they need time to clear their minds and realize that they need each other. i will admit i used to not like her cause of the drama but they seem so happy tg :(
Wandile Mashazi
Wandile Mashazi 8 days ago
Goooooooo Mama rug
symphony rodriguez
symphony rodriguez
bro i love you guys to the max and i started crying a lot when you said that papa rug inspires you, i’ve been with you since the beginning and i’m so glad i got to grow with you through the bad and good times! I hope you get better and I support you through anything and everything!
RaamPlayS 9 days ago
you and faze rug are the best
melissa J
melissa J 9 days ago
AnDru Henry
AnDru Henry 10 days ago
Yaaaass!!! I totally agree with you Mother Dearest! ❤❤
Jerson Flores
Jerson Flores 12 days ago
What happened with Anthony?
Diaaeddine sofyan
Diaaeddine sofyan 12 days ago
Brandon:i'm gonna leave youtube and not recording . . . Also Brandon:i'm gonna record myself leaving youtube
Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder Kaur 12 days ago
no dont take a break please
Splecky 13 days ago
Your mom just scared me 🚫🧢
Ezvex On 60 fpś
Ezvex On 60 fpś 13 days ago
On god they kisses when they were in the car😂😂😂😂😂
yazthebeast 700
yazthebeast 700 13 days ago
Damn some buddy about hit up elrubio with that Sub
noodles 13 days ago
No, please. Get her away. After what she has done, no. Wrong. Breaks up then 2 weeks later goes and finds some walmart lil mosey. Clout chasing thing. I cant, I just can't. Very wrong what she has done 🤬🤬
Amy Brockney
Amy Brockney 14 days ago
Thats right momma rug u tell them! Fuck all the haters!!! Ill always b a supporter!!!! ur great Brandon dnt let ANYONE tell u different ur kind u have a huge heart n u give us amazing videos ❤❤
Stacey-ann Palmer
Stacey-ann Palmer 15 days ago
Valentine Thompson
Valentine Thompson 15 days ago
Lol your mom is saying facts lol love u mama rug
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 16 days ago
Jesus is the Key brandon. Accept him truthfully in your heart as your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He died in the cross for you and for all of us. Jesus loves you. Let Him show you the love He has for you by accompanying you through everything all throughout your life for He already overcame it all for you for us. God bless brother sincerely. My sincere prayers also foe Jackie and for both of your families. Love you Jackie, God bless Brandon. 💖
jeffery micklsin
jeffery micklsin 17 days ago
hey man i just wanted to say that it dosent matter what other peopel think of you dont mind those haters everybody pleas sub to brawadis
Anthony Saucedo
Anthony Saucedo 17 days ago
Bro i love your mom
Taylor Fewkes
Taylor Fewkes 17 days ago
Love you Brandon
Arvin Gaming
Arvin Gaming 18 days ago
How has booker been
Dont panick
Dont panick 18 days ago
Keep yo head high ! 👌🏽✌️
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick 19 days ago
The annoyed snail histologically stop because handicap excitingly imagine minus a tranquil adult. kindhearted, humdrum albatross
Neela Perez
Neela Perez 19 days ago
Love you
mary olores
mary olores 19 days ago
like no one can compete w that we all know brandons hellla funny
mary olores
mary olores 19 days ago
brandon is so funny fr
Husain Arif
Husain Arif 20 days ago
Bro grinding all day les go brawadis
Husain Arif
Husain Arif 20 days ago
Yo as mama rug says f**k u haters
Jessica Winsworth
Jessica Winsworth 20 days ago
How can you call this a break? I mean yeah... a break from social media, but not a break from US-first. 😕
Sophia Galdamez
Sophia Galdamez 20 days ago
stay strong!
Araceli Miguel
Araceli Miguel 20 days ago
We love you so much Brandon all my love goes to you ☺️
Araceli Miguel
Araceli Miguel 20 days ago
Why is Ali pretty cute tho 😍
Dominic Clowers
Dominic Clowers 20 days ago
Its not that hard to pick up a camera and talk and bruh he has the most easy job in the world all his videos are ex girlfriend last to and ghost spotted in my house scary
Dominic Clowers
Dominic Clowers 20 days ago
The ex girl friend videos are coming back fuck these videos will still never be the same its not awkward for them but for me cringe as fuck
Vanessa Maria
Vanessa Maria 21 day ago
You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley.
Gerardo Gutierrez
I’m Glad Brandon Is Happy He Brings Nothing But Joy And Positivity To The World Just Like His Brother 😇
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 21 day ago
The elated shirt scully seal because sidecar spindly joke into a knowledgeable ramie. careful, verdant fear
jx whitaker
jx whitaker 23 days ago
Man such an inspirational dude I love him he’s a great dude and great US-firstr he loves what he does and he cares about us he goes all out to make us happy, that’s a true US-firstr ❤️
Boom Boom
Boom Boom 23 days ago
Bro just Mary her already later your gonna be 30 then going to your 40s you’ve been threw everything and learned a lot
Lisanne DiMinno
Lisanne DiMinno 24 days ago
Hey I’m your server with flowers in her hair you hijacked by table come back and visit you can have my table any time!
Just_ BabyPluto
Just_ BabyPluto 24 days ago
Good for you brandon
Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan 25 days ago
Just ask Jackie to be your girlfriend plz
Glitch FC
Glitch FC 25 days ago
bro read your messages
John ler
John ler 25 days ago
i thought he wasn’t going to make videos with her anymore
MGZ Garcia
MGZ Garcia 25 days ago
Frick whoever hates Brandon
MGZ Garcia
MGZ Garcia 25 days ago
JUANJAM JUAN 26 days ago
Wait so bucker is 160 pounds lol im more
High Key Tip
High Key Tip 26 days ago
That’s right Jackie and him belong together
Finka Subatic
Finka Subatic 27 days ago
Bookers tail when he Heard the name "Jackie": "explodes"
Menna Sultan
Menna Sultan 27 days ago
We love you brawadis
Caleb Daignault
Caleb Daignault 27 days ago
i miss the the basketball vids
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 27 days ago
Wow 🤩
Polina Valen
Polina Valen 27 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️awesome vid
Horus 07
Horus 07 27 days ago
Keep up the good work man I love ur video’s no cap😎😎😎
Hedid Keaton
Hedid Keaton 28 days ago
.keep up the good work
roxie k
roxie k 28 days ago
What’s the name of the restaurant u went to go eat at
Leivon Gao- Gaming
Leivon Gao- Gaming 28 days ago
10:09 best part
Loren_gaming Gamer girl
You are the best
tijana horvat
tijana horvat 28 days ago
Dont give up love your self you are amazing and beautiful i love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Koala gaming And more
Mama rug is a savage but she is right tho
Maricela Ochoa
Maricela Ochoa 29 days ago
were always here for you
Alyssa Olson
Alyssa Olson 29 days ago
DENNNNIIISSSSSS🥺 that got me dude
Orheo 7 days ago
Why does this gotta be top comment now I know what happens in this vid ..
Blue juice Sutton
I see my boy growing his hair out
samantha sims
samantha sims Month ago
Wait they are back together
Rithix Month ago
brawadis: hey guys I'm gunna be taking a break also brawadis: *comes back in a week*
Aztecs2727 Aj Guzman
Bro I was just at the same exact spot 2 weeks ago. I was going to the San Diego zoo and I was staying at one of the hotels. I took a walk down that exact sidewalk looking out to the ocean
Cristian Villarreal
Bruh why you gotta be back with her 🙄 like stop Frl she ain’t worth it bruh she only calls you when she bored stop running back to her
J-Flash Month ago
Respect Brawadis. You are such a good person. You and your brother don't deserve the hate. Stay positive man.
Gabriella Berenyi
K1llerchuckie Month ago
i still hate her
Yusef Shawabkeh
Yusef Shawabkeh Month ago
U no they did something before he put the camera down like kiss
Divantae Williams
Frick all that wife her up cuhh
Seebun Jahnvee
Seebun Jahnvee Month ago
I loveee Jackie thooo❤ He's videos are soo different when jackie is in it..❤❤🥺🥺
amauris rodriguez
I learned how to for give Jackie but as long my fav US-firstr is happy I am happy
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez Month ago
Love you but L
jenni lopez
jenni lopez Month ago
Say it with me people who never sh!ted on both of them: “y’all look about dumb asf for hating on both of them” only for both of them to end up on good terms😂😂
VIKING Month ago
you ARE THE FUCKING BEST DONT YOU LET SOME FUCKING HATER SET YOU DOWN. i am hear for you and youre family also keep it up dont take shit !
Catherine Morrill Kitchen
mama rug got some attitude
Real.Ssntos. David
Dude you and Jackie are just super old and annoying like she played your life and still making videos and using her views..since you hit 5 mill dawg you have hit a road block and need to become more creative you doing the same videos for the past 5 years now dude.. time to evolve kick Jackie out your life and level up with a new chick and just enjoy life man.
Saiki's Juicy Glizzy
holy- my dad literally works at the place they went to go eat 💀
Troy Tomsic
Troy Tomsic Month ago
Why Do People Hate A Person Wbo Love To Help People So Don't Be Haters He Is Just A Grate Person.
Angunuo Yore
Angunuo Yore Month ago
Dhatri Dhatri
Dhatri Dhatri Month ago
How sweet ❤🥺
Saiki's Juicy Glizzy
i mean he didn’t lie he didn’t post anything on instagram or twitter for a week... also he’s right wtf happened to social media it’s toxic af now days, man i miss 2018 :/
JayKob Franklyn
JayKob Franklyn Month ago
Dude so mad. Jackie is straight manipulating him. I will never go back to a cheater
JayKob Franklyn
JayKob Franklyn Month ago
@Bruce valdez really, lol so why was he crying over her leaving for someone else.