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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Mar 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
AnkY Meliodas
sour clan
sour clan 2 days ago
Yo she is BAD 🥵
Johnny Rotten
Johnny Rotten 2 days ago
get covid, wheres the thumbnail bit???
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 2 days ago
Connor Weis
Connor Weis 2 days ago
Who thinks they should actually date
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 days ago
She caught him in 4k😭
Raymond Ramirez
Raymond Ramirez 3 days ago
if you dont ask her out rn im fr dissapointed
Ameerudeen Oni
Ameerudeen Oni 3 days ago
Brian has to teach brandon how to hide his camera
Javed Walters
Javed Walters 4 days ago
she literally looked at the camera
Juice Fan999
Juice Fan999 4 days ago
Dalia this is how you push away dalia 🥺 we like her already so much
Dreamyy 5 days ago
E&A Nation
E&A Nation 7 days ago
Stop walking towards the camera if you wouldn’t have moved you would’ve got her!!!
Mari Cruz Sanchez
You should try Mexican food
Blakely Larsen
Blakely Larsen 9 days ago
Yum I love strawberries and mangoes and bananas
Abbey Barrera
Abbey Barrera 9 days ago
Thank you god bless Brandon 🇲🇽 🙏🏻❤️
yfndrizzy -_-
yfndrizzy -_- 9 days ago
thanks for helping the hispanic community
Oscar Marchante
Oscar Marchante 9 days ago
Water boy and fire girl 😂😂😭
King Kobra
King Kobra 9 days ago
To anyone reading this , I want you to know you’re amazing and you have reason to be in this world. Keep grinding and stay safe ❤️🙏🏽
Brianna Hernandez
What about Jackie?? I love you and Jackie together:)
yoBlank 10 days ago
mi onli
mi onli 11 days ago
Brandon literally led Emily's eyes to see the camera! haha boo for that 😆
Abdulelah Ghalib
Abdulelah Ghalib 11 days ago
This man the only thing he do is making videos about Girlfriends Just exploit his separation
Gibran Peña
Gibran Peña 11 days ago
Brawadis thanks for helping all the small business
King Ace
King Ace 13 days ago
Ryan Garcia is literally the easiest boxer to contact but I don’t know how u got the TikToker 🤷‍♂️
Im_tripng_balls 13 days ago
My mans hit a “I never planned to get this far”
Tayeb 13 days ago
12:30 the way he brought up Flight 😂😂
Ctb.manman 1
Ctb.manman 1 13 days ago
Hussnain Haider Cabrera Ali
That’s messed up
carolina cruz
carolina cruz 14 days ago
Your parents own a liquor!
Citlalic Lopez
Citlalic Lopez 14 days ago
Got so much respect for Brandon! Always helps out people !
Si Omar
Si Omar 14 days ago
ALL Respect to Brandon helping out the Hispanic guy !!!!!!!!!
Taka Brown
Taka Brown 14 days ago
Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar 14 days ago
Yoo much respect ✊
FORTNITE PRO 14 days ago
I wish u all that best
Andres Escobar
Andres Escobar 14 days ago
Brandon will be the next David Dobrik
Mateo Jose
Mateo Jose 15 days ago
Brandon has got some nice FRIENDS
L.E Productions
L.E Productions 15 days ago
Who didn't know papa rug had a store???
JustMe 15 days ago
That hair does not suit you
angela macias
angela macias 15 days ago
He took off his hat as a thank you 🤍
Jasmin Estela
Jasmin Estela 15 days ago
7:46 man Ali is so funny I’m weakkk😭😭😂
Miguel moreno
Miguel moreno 15 days ago
shoutout brandon Thank you, you don’t realize how much it means to the raza!
melanija Mileska
melanija Mileska 15 days ago
Auyxa 15 days ago
why will he not ask her to go out
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez 15 days ago
Thank you for tipping the Mexicans bro , thanks for showing love to our kind 💯 very much respect
Celina Concepcion
Celina Concepcion 15 days ago
I’ve been watching this family for years and never knew his dad worked at a convenience store what the heck!? Am I just stupid?
Jack Sharratt
Jack Sharratt 15 days ago
She noticed the camera lol 😂
Fuzion 16 days ago
Bro I haven’t watched this man in hot while and my dude not rockin the short hair anymore 😢
Henry Acosta
Henry Acosta 16 days ago
Who is she ? Does anyone know her Instagram ?
Aubrey Pita
Aubrey Pita 16 days ago
Who actually wants them together and thinks they would be cute together
Graham M
Graham M 16 days ago
Brandon learn to accept gifts bro.. it makes the other person feel good too
Eric Nunez
Eric Nunez 16 days ago
she looked at the camara
Abigail Delgado
Abigail Delgado 16 days ago
You are so sweat and your brother and your family keep doing that and keep making love keep being safe love you 😛😛🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘🤩😇🤩🤩😇🤨🤨🤨🧐🥰🥰
B McCord
B McCord 16 days ago
I’d straight merk these kids at ball
Sam 16 days ago
Pegasus 16 days ago
Idk but I don’t think Brandon should record the guy on the road. No need to record good deeds and for the people selling corn
cemile eilleen
cemile eilleen 16 days ago
Ok come on brandon do a prank asking kalyn to be your gf in front of face rug and tell kalyn beffor to say yes it would me so funny
Gus Carrillo
Gus Carrillo 16 days ago
This is when Brandon starts to fall in love
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 16 days ago
She actually seems down to earth, her looks and personality is different she don’t act like she looks if that makes sense😂
kvngsimple 16 days ago
1:04 smoothest assist I’ve ever seen
kvngsimple 16 days ago
I ain’t gonna lie he seem kinda happy wit ha
Upsetkiller 859
Upsetkiller 859 16 days ago
Corn in a cup and siracha and grided chesse is so good with cream too all laying know what I’m talking about
exoticghost2135 16 days ago
She saw the camera
ristydelacalzada 16 days ago
My dream is to play with Brawadis and FaZe Rug on their court
Francisco Gutierrez
I see both of y’all together y’all cute together
darLeneee cervantesss
SecondK7 17 days ago
Me who was already followed to his Ig and kept eating more vids.😏
XOTICFLUIDX 17 days ago
Imagine changing the thumbnail🤣
Bob Rossy
Bob Rossy 17 days ago
he actually wants her to be his girlfriend he just used the camera as an excuse
Sul Whale
Sul Whale 5 days ago
But relationships can be different and everything
Sul Whale
Sul Whale 5 days ago
Sul Whale
Sul Whale 5 days ago
Yeah but you can just say oh we are friends we hug we do all this love each other we can become mkre
Mohamed Bouzar
Mohamed Bouzar 17 days ago
The guttural H habitual desire preauricularly serve because lumber contrarily talk qua a boundless crown. zealous, mere pancreas
Ivon Monjaras
Ivon Monjaras 17 days ago
shes way prettier and nicer than jackie
Christopher Colon
Christopher Colon 17 days ago
Stop walking near the camera when you trying to prank you blew it.
superbad822 17 days ago
Best video ever
Blessing Ijeoma Azie_Obioha
laura Gallen
laura Gallen 17 days ago
Nice profile loser
Alejandra Rodarte
Alejandra Rodarte 17 days ago
My heart literally is full of happiness seeing you helping the Hispanic Community! 🇲🇽
hsen Elreda6
hsen Elreda6 17 days ago
She looked at the camera
EllaPlays Roblox
EllaPlays Roblox 17 days ago
So the question is... :AD: get your fresh food from Tesco’s!
Martin Ibarra
Martin Ibarra 17 days ago
OMG My perents are in the background!
Pauline 17 days ago
Lol he was so nervous that he was zipping his pockets lmaoo
FrxZeN Clipxz_-
FrxZeN Clipxz_- 17 days ago
I hope he won’t get rejected
Fsl Mktm
Fsl Mktm 17 days ago
I stopped the video once she saw the Camera. This is just repeatedly stupid, she saw the cam and she is gonna prank you instead, how many times did that happened,?A LOT. Hide the Camera in a better place ifs.
genesis1 17 days ago
To this day J. hasn’t revealed the name of the person she left Brandon for ? WTF !
Big baller
Big baller 18 days ago
10:27 she literally looked deep in the camera
Bradley Eidson
Bradley Eidson 18 days ago
Was Brandon standing on the roof?
Xxtry HardxX
Xxtry HardxX 18 days ago
Hagop Vartanian
Hagop Vartanian 18 days ago
Bro her response sounded so fake she can’t act for shit LMAOOOOO but Brandon played it off really well it’s just unfortunate that she saw the camera 😕
Ashley Zuira
Ashley Zuira 18 days ago
seddqw is a good friend of mine and he’s like a good friend and he’s like a good friend and he’s like a good friend and he’s like a good 😌 he’s eu weyrr te eh g’s r bc ft was de un wß de
Ashley Zuira
Ashley Zuira 18 days ago
zoom 🏎 is in my phone 📲
Yoshi._. YT
Yoshi._. YT 18 days ago
I’ve been there at tha elote place he was at
William E.
William E. 18 days ago
Just don't wear a mask if you don't know how to put it on.
MrDarkSour 18 days ago
Brawadis I give you a lot of respect for helping make that guys day.
Kazi 18 days ago
bruh he wonders why he’s always single and i wonder why his acting was so good
Oswaldo Hernandez
Oswaldo Hernandez 18 days ago
Yall would look better together to be honest
Nikki Aggie
Nikki Aggie 18 days ago
Amil Mendez
Amil Mendez 19 days ago
Low key at 5:30 it sounded stage but brawadis is a goat
Unknown Snipz-_-
Unknown Snipz-_- 19 days ago
Bro we all know that in the future he’s going to ask her bc he did the same thing with Jackie
VQSLATT 19 days ago
She’s so beautiful 😩💕
Estevan Tellez
Estevan Tellez 19 days ago
Papa rug is expensive
GG M 19 days ago
Thank u for Supporting the hard working Hispanics 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 they don’t get enough appreciation
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