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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Mar 15, 2021




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Evan Peterson
"Your whole relationship seems rushed and to impress" she doesn't even look like someone you would date no hate tho...
julian romero
julian romero 3 days ago
Girls are starving 😂
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez 3 days ago
It cracks me up when he calls Ali dharman😂😂
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez 3 days ago
Bkk K
Bkk K 5 days ago
Jackie entered the chat:
Ericka 7 days ago
Ali- "girls have been in the house STRAVING and we're here to feed them". 😭😭
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 7 days ago
Such an awesome video 👍
Kool Ahmad
Kool Ahmad 9 days ago
dhar man is so much taller then i thought he would be
Antisocial 9 days ago
Ayo sheesshhhh
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
She sounds like Jackie and Kaylin and Molly lmao
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
Lol Ali trolling 💀
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
He like oh rug gone three some or some 💀
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
shorty a lil baddie 😂
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
what number
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
she darkskin lol
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
she sounds like kaylin lmao and she 22 and she were living with her in 2017 when she was 17-18 💀
Gang time
Gang time 12 days ago
lol emily 2017 if you know saw a week ago on IG but gonna binge watch some videos used to watch all the time until three weeks ago
Jav ὣ
Jav ὣ 13 days ago
Saribel Barrera
Saribel Barrera 14 days ago
It’s so sad how he needs females to make him money after Jackie left. Kinda disgusting how he uses women. Got a Jackie look alike and makes fake videos about hate crimes. Damn
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia 14 days ago
Dauum she's hot af, I bet Jackie's so jealous right now!!!!!
Janessa Salas
Janessa Salas 14 days ago
RORY JAY 15 days ago
Brandon when he’s pranking everyone that they’re together, inside he really wants it to be true
RORY JAY 15 days ago
Brandon when he’s pranking everyone that they’re together, inside he really wants it to be true
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez 15 days ago
She's too Much for Him
Miles Avila
Miles Avila 15 days ago
pqris 16 days ago
yu guys kno what i was looking at the whole time😏
CoreKhush 17 days ago
Ali aka dhar man 😂😂
The shepherd lab Service dog
Who else thinks she looks like Jackie
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows
She looks like the female version of Guava Juice. Aka formerly named Roy Wassabi / Rolanda. All in a good way. She's beautiful. 🌹🖤
Shendrick Chirino
Shendrick Chirino 17 days ago
Bruh date date date date
iS Aagean
iS Aagean 18 days ago
Bryan 200 IQ
JR 9mm
JR 9mm 18 days ago
Beautiful 🍈🍈
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez 19 days ago
She bad
Maeve McDougal
Maeve McDougal 19 days ago
How many times have I seen this video title and how many times has it been fake?
OpTic-_-Modding- 19 days ago
Nooo bring back Jacky
Kevin C
Kevin C 19 days ago
I thought he was with sommer
DRIZZLE 19 days ago
Vortexy 19 days ago
ai love you brandon
Husain Arif
Husain Arif 20 days ago
She got dem big circles
xro is cracked
xro is cracked 20 days ago
Every girl he nows that he dated he has known for over 5 years lol
Mia _108
Mia _108 20 days ago
Emily and brightest and then a tree KIS aING sorry but what is but I had to say it
Cyanette Gonzales
Cyanette Gonzales 20 days ago
Just date already 😩🖐🏼
Aj Manning
Aj Manning 20 days ago
She looks just like jackie 😂
hearts forever
hearts forever 20 days ago
Can we have Jackie back please 😭😢
Frendrik Alberts
Frendrik Alberts 20 days ago
Jackie :🤡
HKSupra 21 day ago
Ali lolol you dog!
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander 21 day ago
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander 21 day ago
Void Hits
Void Hits 21 day ago
She looks good in the high school photo
johnny ordonez
johnny ordonez 21 day ago
Ali has me dying😂😂💀
Maria Arias
Maria Arias 21 day ago
Ew I hate her lolll
Arquel Cudia
Arquel Cudia 21 day ago
I found out that she is Filipino.
Lovely Laybelline
She gives off good vibes 🥰
SkyroZzZz 21 day ago
I only come here when I’m bored of Rug 🤣
Shush Lol
Shush Lol 21 day ago
I miss Jackie
Tyrece Porter
Tyrece Porter 21 day ago
Lol in the Lamborghini
FrostBite Pokin
FrostBite Pokin 21 day ago
Imagine playing with those thangs
Mr.GoodBoi 22 days ago
It’s like Jackie and Kaeyln combined!
SpanishKvndy Benitez
I’m bored Brawadisss I rather see a dog q&a video
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 22 days ago
Friends with benefits 😏😏
Stants 22 days ago
autum falls
sour clan
sour clan 22 days ago
She’s bad 😝
iskra bajovska
iskra bajovska 22 days ago
Wow she has watermelons 🍉 🍉 hahhahaha
Kaitlyn Ramos
Kaitlyn Ramos 22 days ago
Wow that dude Ollie sounds like a dick head ! This summer is going to be wild and girls are going to be starving . We’re going to be partying . Like we’re in the middle of a pandemic still . No one should be partying. This pandemic isn’t going to be over any time soon and definitely not by the summer . Lol what jerks . If that’s your best friends than I wonder what kind of guy Brandon really is??🤔🙄
klopite 23 days ago
Playin the friend so he can keep click baiting with more videos
Brandin Adams
Brandin Adams 23 days ago
Whats her insta?
tony 22 days ago
Down bad 📸
Joel Ortiz
Joel Ortiz 23 days ago
Yo whats her Instagram @
tony 22 days ago
Down bad 📸
Michael diaz
Michael diaz 23 days ago
We need master jiraya
P-WE HRNDZ 23 days ago
He saw the camera
Melissa Canales Pineda
that's what he said about jakie he said we just friend!
AG Wright
AG Wright 23 days ago
Mommy milkers
Leidina Lluka
Leidina Lluka 23 days ago
bray8n 23 days ago
she a whole w bruh
Jayman19 23 days ago
Tig ole bitties
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 23 days ago
Ali really was on that tip talking bout girls are starving
CIO 23 days ago
goo goo. gaaaaa gaaaa
Jocelyn Aldaz
Jocelyn Aldaz 23 days ago
Brandon how are you know her
Karina Benitez
Karina Benitez 23 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Emily is kinda annoying idk just me? Ok
Brenden Vitale
Brenden Vitale 23 days ago
We all know Brandon’s tappin that
Bryan Tello
Bryan Tello 23 days ago
POV: if they get together bf gf then the end
Abdul Asad
Abdul Asad 23 days ago
Horgito Ndrecaj
Horgito Ndrecaj 23 days ago
Title: MEET MY NEW GIRLFRIEND... Brandon: “we’re just friends”
Joe 23 days ago
She looked better in high school
FSM Gaming
FSM Gaming 23 days ago
“Tryna catch me on 4k” 😂😂
Renzel Ivan Balbin
Renzel Ivan Balbin 24 days ago
They datin soon Fs
Beauty America Mende
Brandoooon don’t let her go she is pretty much prettier than Jacky and she looks serious girl❤️
Areny Ohanes
Areny Ohanes 24 days ago
Ali is mad disrespectful, imagine they were actually dating how would she feel! He sucks I officially lost respect for him
Zwei Cruz
Zwei Cruz 24 days ago
She sounds like Elizabeth Olsen a bit
Stephen Duran
Stephen Duran 24 days ago
Yeah I still like Jackie
Messiahs Mindset
Messiahs Mindset 24 days ago
is this the girl who asked to be in the videos?
orlando_thereal_lol_artist YT
Who’s eating steak rn while whatching rn 😂
MrDalecris Ledesma
MrDalecris Ledesma 24 days ago
It time u date it 10 years it a long time but I also had a friend that I know her seem 14 years she told me no but I guess not all best friends meant to be together
Lopezbro 24
Lopezbro 24 24 days ago
Emily is better than Jackie
Jerry Harris
Jerry Harris 24 days ago
Can I get her number
Brittney Vandermeer
Why she wear so much makeup. Let's see your pretty face without makeup your beautiful without :)
Boggs Family
Boggs Family 24 days ago
You Gotta know that rug will obviously see the camera… He always does he’s THE ULTIMATE PRANKSTER come on now Brandon! Step up your game lol
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz 24 days ago
She bad
Dababy 24 days ago
bob 24 days ago
ethan gonzalez
ethan gonzalez 24 days ago
she got a damn big glow up. big.
smg lighting
smg lighting 24 days ago
Emily way better den jackie