MEET MY NEW GIRL!! *Not Clickbait* 

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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
FAITH IN GOD 3 hours ago
Franklin Mendez
Franklin Mendez 7 hours ago
Broo thats a skinny version of Jackie
Sj 10 hours ago
Next series should be trying to get ali a date!
CoreKhush 13 hours ago
She said u fatt crush I thought some else
Addictive Pills
Addictive Pills 13 hours ago
That girls cute
ElChino Day ago
4:50 “again” killed me 😭😭😭
Zowda Day ago
there children watching
Nana Love
Nana Love Day ago
Congrats Brandon!!❤️I wish you both the best also I’m sad now bc that food looks good and I’m fasting😭👌🏽
Lyss Garza
Lyss Garza Day ago
Is it just me or she looks a lil like Jackie ? 👀 no hate tho, this girl beautiful in her own way 💖
Heavenly Day ago
The way she looks exactly like Jackie....
Jon x D
Jon x D Day ago
Ghada Basher
Ghada Basher Day ago
She is so disgusting
Jon x D
Jon x D Day ago
Cap shut up
Pearl Perez
Pearl Perez Day ago
What a down grade 🤣guess now people can actually call someone a clout chaser . Since Jackie was their from the start and he broke up with her first .
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 2 days ago
You guys cute together!
Jr Valenciano
Jr Valenciano 2 days ago
Bros hair needs to go
Wingmon Reacts
Wingmon Reacts 2 days ago
MJR Burner
MJR Burner 2 days ago
What in the middle school relationship
Im_twisted 2 days ago
Bruh jay got me jumpin 🤣☄️
Jorge Luna
Jorge Luna 2 days ago
He says I love my fans but lies to us
Rachel Valdespino
noooooooooooooooooooooo that girl
chiquita 567
chiquita 567 2 days ago
She’s so cute an adorable just date her brandon she’s really pretty , make her official your new girlfriend she’s better then Jackie n more prettier go for it she’s so cute and charm she’s a sweetheart your mom will love her . Have a beautiful day Brandon n god blessed you always
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen 2 days ago
havent seen him this happy😔
desyann 2 days ago
sorry i have a boyfriend too😂
Julio Gile
Julio Gile 3 days ago
stop being cringy omg
Saiyan king
Saiyan king 3 days ago
today is my birthday🎂👍👍
Michelle Sanchez
Michelle Sanchez 3 days ago
Ayo the song in the restaurant was boom lmaoo. Where my Mexicans @
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman 3 days ago
Anyone know her Instagram?
Moe510 3 days ago
if Brandon don’t wife her he is gay
K Bar
K Bar 3 days ago
Shawty looks like a keeper . God damn
Drip _
Drip _ 3 days ago
Can someone tell me the first video she was introduced in? Was it this vid?
Nicole Santos
Nicole Santos 3 days ago
Is this girl actually his girlfriend?
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner 3 days ago
Oh my middle school
Capto /
Capto / 3 days ago
She looks like Jackie 2.0
Destiny Soto
Destiny Soto 3 days ago
iBeeZ 4 days ago
Jackie be watching this: 👁👄👁
tami martinez
tami martinez 4 days ago
Thought that was Jackie for a sec😅
frigtartsxp 4 days ago
I know who she reminds me of now. Faze adapts old girl that cheated on him Adrienne whatever however you spell her name lol wonder what she up
frigtartsxp 4 days ago
Nice to meet bookers step mom lolz
frigtartsxp 4 days ago
Good for u lol
Roman 4 days ago
Nah she looks too Mexican
tytylilX3 4 days ago
So free
Yousuf i027
Yousuf i027 4 days ago
Fuck he got me ima come back to his vids
Yayas World
Yayas World 4 days ago
Lmfao loved this video. 😂😂
Eddy127 4 days ago
I like y’all better than Jackie
Eddy127 4 days ago
Why she is cute
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 4 days ago
Brawadis has to stop playing basketball, all he’s got is an Explosive first step and a Bomb jump shot
Vansider Ll
Vansider Ll 5 days ago
On 1:57 did he just say “yo wassup cutie...”? 🤡 no game.
Vansider Ll
Vansider Ll 4 days ago
@Bobby James definitely more than you
Bobby James
Bobby James 4 days ago
how many girls you get ?
A. Rabesca
A. Rabesca 5 days ago
This guy has some confident balls.. keep it up that confidence will work one day. Don't give up Ali!
Messi Lionel
Messi Lionel 5 days ago
Wow love this kind of videos you should do this more often
Wolfy Roblox
Wolfy Roblox 5 days ago
Jackie watching like:👁️👄👁️
BlobKikz YT
BlobKikz YT 5 days ago
Who remembers Booker
Kody Sudbeck
Kody Sudbeck 5 days ago
I got second hand awkwardness
Bkk K
Bkk K 5 days ago
Jackie entered the chat:
Jayden Padilla
Jayden Padilla 6 days ago
I like jackie better
Jayden Padilla
Jayden Padilla 3 days ago
@Bobby James brawdis is getting used by his new GF she's just with him because he is famous and rich
Bobby James
Bobby James 4 days ago
she tried coming back when she wasn't doing good she needs him to be successful she knows that fuck her
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel 6 days ago
Imagine If Brandon and his freinds had a podcast of watch 25/8
Richard Acevedo
Richard Acevedo 6 days ago
she looks a little like jackie
Luv kickic
Luv kickic 6 days ago
lol r
KILLER AGATES 6 days ago
Definitely a gold digger
Apaolo Benally
Apaolo Benally 6 days ago
U simp
Stephen Duran
Stephen Duran 6 days ago
She look exactly like Jackie bro
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza 7 days ago
Bruh better not fold on this
IlIlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl
U can tell he likes Jackie’s style they both look the same
AbdullahFN 7 days ago
Ask her out
Dre Rodriguez
Dre Rodriguez 7 days ago
She’s just going to use the fuck out of Brandon
Live Silkies
Live Silkies 7 days ago
I thought Ali was married, to his cousin???
H5K5 RL 7 days ago
3Ls lmaoioo
Dwight Lindsay
Dwight Lindsay 7 days ago
Brandon and Jackie days😢😢😢
Karol Arroyo
Karol Arroyo 7 days ago
Just hand just grabs the chocolate 🍫
Karol Arroyo
Karol Arroyo 7 days ago
For reals everyone is dating (i am not though 💀😭)
Drapz 7 days ago
Booker got a new Jackie 🤭
Michelle Rodriguez
2:08 the song 🎶 tho 😩
Relaxation Meditation
Ali is down bad
NSF Bravair
NSF Bravair 7 days ago
Samar Anwar
Samar Anwar 7 days ago
Sreshta Roy
Sreshta Roy 7 days ago
She kinda looks like Jackie ngl
David Valles
David Valles 8 days ago
Bruh that part with the female was cringe af
Jee 8 days ago
Dhar Man Jr.
lucifer morningstar
she a true beauty 😍
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz 8 days ago
Bryan Lanner
Bryan Lanner 8 days ago
We need more of Ali asking out girls haha
Jose Siqueiros
Jose Siqueiros 8 days ago
Dam is that Jackie twin or tia 😝 good luck love you your brother and papa mama rug god bless
Little Jesús
Little Jesús 8 days ago
They laughing at my boy ali but the mans doing it how it’s supposed to be done. Not sliding in dms. 💪
MommaAshleyXXO 8 days ago
Meeeee I’m single!!!!
ATL Jarvy
ATL Jarvy 8 days ago
Bro honestly shut up mans is doing meet my new girl. This is my new girl like bro you have atleast 50 vids like thag
TheHappyAvocado 8 days ago
The title should’ve been “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND”
KRQ11 8 days ago
Jackie cousin.
Shelbie 8 days ago
I think I like her. She seems sweet!
Angelica Fernandez
No other girl can compare to jackie
Royalz- 8 days ago
bruh she remind me of my ex fuck 💀
Ahmed Osama
Ahmed Osama 8 days ago
anybody noticed how the title used to be meet my new crush and now it is “girl”😂
Alex Morales
Alex Morales 9 days ago
Ali keep going😭
Capturxz 9 days ago
I can get used to having her in vids 😂💯
darkmetalphoenix 9 days ago
The girl looks like Jackie clone. Brawadis has a type.
Efrain Camargo
Efrain Camargo 9 days ago
Fucken cringe af
YO TOES 9 days ago
W-In chat
Jordonsky 9 days ago
Tell your mum about your new girlfriend
Frank Bonilla
Frank Bonilla 9 days ago
ali talking about feeding girls but he cant get one bruh
Fabian Montalvo
Fabian Montalvo 9 days ago
God dammn she cutee
Jayy Kills
Jayy Kills 9 days ago
Jackie better still 😍
PaulDaFiff 9 days ago
Ali down bad 😭😭
Isabella Van Den Bosch
blahah she kinda looks like jackie as u can tell he has a type
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