Saying YES to the Richest Kid in America for 24 Hours.. **BIG MISTAKE** 

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Feb 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
S N 2 hours ago
Wait so why is he at age 14 allowed to drive?
D&N KAPOOR 5 days ago
Lakshay Harjani
Lakshay Harjani 24 days ago
OMG...Donlad, you would've just said specific ex - JACKIE.
Ava Ó Grady
Ava Ó Grady 26 days ago
I wish u called Jackie ☹️🥺💔
Trippiemikee _
Trippiemikee _ Month ago
3:27 when he impersonated his mom 😂
Emanuel Chavez
Emanuel Chavez Month ago
I’m Emanuel 😂😂
Rain Edgerly
Rain Edgerly Month ago
Yeah you definitely have a type
Jamie Lee Ashton
Slade Miller
Slade Miller Month ago
No stormi webster is richest but donlad is still cool
Nathan David
Nathan David Month ago
Arquel Cudia
Arquel Cudia Month ago
14 years old driving??? He can go to jail and you can go to jail when a cop pull you guys over because he isn't 16 years old to legal drive yet.
Arquel Cudia
Arquel Cudia Month ago
He isn't the richest kid in America. Blue Ivy Carter is the richest kid in America.
Alyssa Ayala
Alyssa Ayala Month ago
best youtuber ever
Sneha Rodrigues
Sneha Rodrigues Month ago
I was expecting him to call Jackie 😭
BigPapaTony Month ago
I love you
Tempered Month ago
Brandon is wearing more expensive stuff then the richest kid in america
Dank LLOG Month ago
Damn if your name is Emmanuel leave a like cause he doesn’t know who I am 😔💔
Gilberto Garcia
Gilberto Garcia Month ago
Jackie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
_yungxchris _
_yungxchris _ 2 months ago
Rich but yet still wants things 😿
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor 2 months ago
3:45 battybwwwwwoooooooiiiiiiiii
Lisbet & Bryssa's Toy Reviews
I cant wait till my kids are big enough to be like omg mom thats my favorite youtuber
Beast Mj
Beast Mj 2 months ago
Wait what the Donald u freakin know how to drive
Cryxnnn. 2 months ago
You said its noah's car¿
CUBING TRICKS 2 months ago
Why didn't he call Jakie
ILY MOST 2 months ago
My mans walking around in some short shorts and platfoms lol.
mayank gangwani
mayank gangwani 2 months ago
Jackie is a gold digger
sSMOKZ 1 2 months ago
Why does Donald look g##
Estefani And Sebastian
Not Brandon walking better in heels than me 😂
bussdown. vick
bussdown. vick 2 months ago
He not the riches kid in America
Fortune Coochie
Fortune Coochie 2 months ago
DonLad is a chill kid, despite his age, he's hella cool. Brawadi's ex is 😍
AEO 2 months ago
Omg I like her
extraordinary maxi
extraordinary maxi 2 months ago
her voice is annoying😭😂
Priscilla MC
Priscilla MC 2 months ago
I laughed SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCHING BRAWADIS PLAY IN HEELS!! OMG!!!!!! DYING!! DYING!!!!
Erika Mondragon
Erika Mondragon 2 months ago
In 6:11 I seen Donlad had diamond grillz
Roger Ludwig
Roger Ludwig 2 months ago
That is so funny that made me laugh big time 😂😂
genbubba bass
genbubba bass 2 months ago
when he ft him she really looked at him like "bitch tf is you doing"😭😭😭
Jordan Juarez
Jordan Juarez 2 months ago
Richest kid in america with different sockes
Luca -25
Luca -25 2 months ago
you copied rug
IMPULSE DAME 2 months ago
This was fuckin awesome😂
Sophielou Offical
Sophielou Offical 2 months ago
Its defoo a long shot 😂 but what if jackie actually regrets leavin brandon n wants to be bk in his life and bookers haha ovbs not gunnna happen but i can dream it that they will maybe get bk together eyy never no what the future holds 😂😂😂
Mayra’s Vlog channel
You lier you said you only got one ex and that was Jackie
Chrxs 2 months ago
“I just came to help” 😂
Fatlum Murtishi
Fatlum Murtishi 24 days ago
brandon 😒 "rlly"
4GAM3 Month ago
I’m dead
Excetera Ripper
Excetera Ripper 2 months ago
lmao 😂
themeparkreview 2 months ago
Dayum the man's just got friendzoned
Eman 2K
Eman 2K 2 months ago
when your names is Emmanuel 😪
Braylon Black
Braylon Black 2 months ago
Man I wanted it to be jackie
path 2 months ago
This kids been 14 for 5 years
Joey Stevens
Joey Stevens 2 months ago
Richest kid in the world and he 2 different color sucks okay 👍
Devgan Maharajh
Devgan Maharajh 2 months ago
He gay no cap
yeet skeet
yeet skeet 2 months ago
3:27 LMAO that mama rug impression
yeet skeet
yeet skeet 2 months ago
0:48 Brandon: "Oh you're coming out" LOL
IT's OCG 2 months ago
Who is Emmanuel? Its me!!!! Lol😂
Elvia Caballero
Elvia Caballero 2 months ago
Bro i have the same coffee table at home
Blixy Jayy
Blixy Jayy 2 months ago
Jackie for the streets
Blue and Robert :/
Blue and Robert :/ 2 months ago
Why dose she look like Jackie a little
Mohammed Zayan
Mohammed Zayan 2 months ago
13:45 literally when the call started that ex looked like jackie 😂
Horror Scene
Horror Scene 2 months ago
14:00 Everyone punching the air 😅
typical Liam Sankey
typical Liam Sankey 2 months ago
I got a ad that talking about McLarens lol
KHALID ALFADHLI 2 months ago
Gg guys
TheAlyG 2 months ago
Richest Kids in America are Beyoncé’s Children there net worth is $500 million. After that its Brad Pitts children at $250 million. Funny they say Donald is when his not even on the charts 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 Didn’t even know he existed until I watched him on Faze Rugs video. They need to stop giving him that fake spotlight.
Jason Nicholas
Jason Nicholas 2 months ago
Lol 14:46 Brian text Brandon like "Yall i'll go" While Brandon calling he's ex lol
cherine moubarak
cherine moubarak 2 months ago
mac and teez,lmao arabs will get it
Aurora Morina
Aurora Morina 2 months ago
4 a second i taught it was Jackie on the phone 😅
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 2 months ago
Copying your brothers content because your views were down 😂😂
Ghost Reezy
Ghost Reezy 2 months ago
not anymore por kid hahaha loser donlad
Priyansh Sharma
Priyansh Sharma 2 months ago
So if Donlad is the richest kid in America, then who tf are Nevada, Griffin, Kai, Saxon, Xavier, Damian and X Æ A-Xii???😂😂🤣
Kiruba Samuel
Kiruba Samuel 2 months ago
At 14.33 Brian messaging "Ya down " 😆😂
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 2 months ago
Brawadis my brother is Emmanuel
Black Gamer
Black Gamer 2 months ago
He is not the richest kid
Dmontae Harper
Dmontae Harper 2 months ago
She lowkey looked beetterr....👀
SBG_Verifiedd 2 months ago
So we gonna act like we all didn’t think that was Jackie?😂 because Istg I thought she was Jackie
KomaSZN 2 months ago
One... he is not the richest kid in America it is a known fact it’s his parents money second I’ve always knew he was gay, but he never came out, money TURNS you out I guess 😭
Tiffany Menjivar
Tiffany Menjivar 2 months ago
It’s obvious he has a type she looks like Jackie a bit
Leck 2 months ago
Brandon fix yo fucking hairline bro it’s on a 150 degree angle
Vanessa Maria
Vanessa Maria 2 months ago
You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley
J. Delatorre
J. Delatorre 2 months ago
I swear to God that was Jackie, but watch them start doing this little dating series and then they break up
Michael Durojaiye
Michael Durojaiye 2 months ago
Id support Brawadis like before. Because he's hidding many thing from us. Id like it. No Hate. But i can't let someone get famous and the person he's hidding thing. No i can't. NO HATE
Andres Miranda
Andres Miranda 2 months ago
Damm Brandon like latinas huh 😂
Tania Perez
Tania Perez 2 months ago
And again with the “EX” titles
OFFICAL T, J & A 2 months ago
Would’ve been more interesting if it was Jackie🤣
Phantom_ Fkharas
Phantom_ Fkharas 2 months ago
I thought he moved house
Mr Longpipe
Mr Longpipe 2 months ago
So even thru jackie he kept this girls number? Fake
Hulk Frog
Hulk Frog 2 months ago
No affense
Hulk Frog
Hulk Frog 2 months ago
You copied faze rug
aaliyah 2 months ago
5:31 why'd u cut out 75
Christian C
Christian C 2 months ago
I heard jackie pregnant 🤰
seriia mtzz
seriia mtzz 2 months ago
WTF she looks like jackie
Landon Singleton
Landon Singleton 2 months ago
Your so gringy omg
da boy junior
da boy junior 2 months ago
Yo brandon has a type she look like the recebt ex
The Williams family
The Williams family 2 months ago
Read your bible and praise Jesus and god.
Hoger Abdullah
Hoger Abdullah 2 months ago
I rather spend $100 on mac & thiz 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Christina Protic
Christina Protic 2 months ago
1:51 I like the "super hoodie" he made lol😄👍🏻
bassem sangid
bassem sangid 2 months ago
He’s not the richest
Jasper Bear
Jasper Bear 2 months ago
13:25 is why you’re here
MahoneBiebbabe 2 months ago
Who is that ex lol she cute they cute lmao
Vised tooth28
Vised tooth28 2 months ago
Bruh ur killing jackie. I don’t even feel bad for u anymore that she rejected u.
L O V E L Y 2 months ago
She looks like jackie
Francisco Fernandez
Francisco Fernandez 2 months ago
I thought it was going to be Jackie who he called
Yacsil Aboytes
Yacsil Aboytes 2 months ago
I don’t like this richest kid in america
Romess10 2 months ago
5:31 he said 75
Gerardo Sosa
Gerardo Sosa 2 months ago