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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Mar 3, 2021




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Stella Stella van
Stella Stella van 6 hours ago
To stella van
AmaZing feeling gD
AmaZing feeling gD 10 hours ago
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 3 days ago
Why he make it look so fake when he opened the email?????
sebastian jandres
I just love booker he is soooooo cuite
Luis Razo
Luis Razo 7 days ago
I love your videos brandon aka brawadiz
HostilityGamez 8 days ago
I have the same hoodie as papa Rug
John Pecan
John Pecan 9 days ago
You know brawadis love booker when he take him to the vet for a little bump
Emileo & Chrissyyy
I really can’t stand jackie anymore 🤐
Abraham Dobbs
Abraham Dobbs 12 days ago
Feel better soon doggy
Jacqueline Davila
Jacqueline Davila 14 days ago
Thank god Booker is ok
DRE DA YOUNGIN 15 days ago
Why tf is she here Brandon dude
Mateo Juarez
Mateo Juarez 16 days ago
Lol what happened with him and Jackie?
genesis1 16 days ago
In the recent vid, just prior to this B.said to J. I trust u always have my back, blah blah blah and appear it ended on “good” terms ! I seriously doubt she’ll ever be on his vids anymore, done and GOOD RIDDANCE ! B. never looked, sounded better, happy, lively and vibrant, in fact his vids post J. are at their highest views ever ! A million views within couple days is becoming the norm 👍 proud of you 👏🏻 !
PHONE KING 16 days ago
When I saw that picture I laughed my ass off lol 😂
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 16 days ago
Jackie so beautiful. 💖
Aahna Garg
Aahna Garg 17 days ago
This was a wonderful vlog we all love booker dont think that it wasnt good
velli glliz
velli glliz 18 days ago
Finally I got access to my banned account ...thanks guys for recommending me to *RX_TECHZ on IG*!
velli glliz
velli glliz 18 days ago
Finally I got access to my banned account ...thanks guys for recommending me to *RX_TECHZ on IG*!
velli glliz
velli glliz 18 days ago
Finally I got access to my banned account ...thanks guys for recommending me to *RX_TECHZ on IG*!
Oswaldo Cruz
Oswaldo Cruz 19 days ago
He’s down bad
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 20 days ago
Yay 😁 so happy it’s nothing serious
DEMON SNOW. 20 days ago
I’m seeing this 3 weeks late Jackie is in the thumbnail so he has 1 mill views 😂 😂 😂
Sened Dean
Sened Dean 20 days ago
02:04 calls him booger
Laten Jace
Laten Jace 21 day ago
It’s a dog u don’t need to coparent 🤦🏽‍♂️
Laten Jace
Laten Jace 21 day ago
After all the shit she did to him I wish he could just let her fade but he keeps having her reappear in the videos. Ik it hard to get over someone Ik from experience it’s sooo fucking hard but cmon u don’t gotta choice anymore let her go
Vanessa Maria
Vanessa Maria 21 day ago
You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley
SpanishKvndy Benitez
Booker looking all happy after results 😂
SpanishKvndy Benitez
Booker listening 😂
Luke Zavislak
Luke Zavislak 23 days ago
Nice to be back BRAWADIS
Yaye Boy
Yaye Boy 23 days ago
Booker is so cute🥰 Good to know he's okay.
Diana Miles
Diana Miles 24 days ago
The lump that booker had was fat or you can call it a pimple. My dog has it too.
young gucci
young gucci 25 days ago
We all know that he miss Jackie I feel his pain you can see it in his face
Kyla Grebenick
Kyla Grebenick 25 days ago
He went from super nervous too happy than he could ever be! Too us are pets are like family!
Guz 26 days ago
Booker looks sooo much alike my dog I had 😞😖
Elvira Juarez
Elvira Juarez 26 days ago
Natalie Ornelas
Natalie Ornelas 26 days ago
I thought she wasn't gonna be in the videos anymore
$M$ Modeling
$M$ Modeling 26 days ago
That means you need to take him on a track and run at least 3 days a week
Miguel rojas
Miguel rojas 27 days ago
Bruh you fr
David V
David V 27 days ago
You need to stop doing that bringing Jackie into your videos bro that’s when I stop watching your channel cause you be a weirdo keep on bringing her back
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey 25 days ago
Brandon is nothing without jacke
Gloria Cruz
Gloria Cruz 28 days ago
God bless❤️
Kelley 28 days ago
Glad Booker is okay 🙏💙
Gebre Garnett
Gebre Garnett 28 days ago
Thank god booker is ok
Misty Dawn
Misty Dawn 29 days ago
Oh my!!I am so happy nothing bad happened and that he is ok!!! 😁😁😁😁
laus lora
laus lora 29 days ago
i wonder who over feeds booker...looks at bansley then looks at mama rug .... i wonder who could possibly be over feeding him.
Helen Garner
Helen Garner 29 days ago
I hope he gets better
Julieee Month ago
booker is like a human being did y’all see how his mood changed 🥺 booker is so cute
ixg 12
ixg 12 28 days ago
Rodolfo Mendoza
Rodolfo Mendoza Month ago
He was going low on views so he brought Jackie back 🤦🏽‍♂️
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz Month ago
He’s doing good on views tf are you on about??
Xhejlane Rahmani
pls tell me he’s ok 😔
Jaymason Howard
Jaymason Howard Month ago
Drop her bro
waylan cobb
waylan cobb Month ago
Am I the only one who sees them flirting again
Ralphy King squad
We love you booker we love you shout out too booker the dog
Animals TV1
Animals TV1 Month ago
Hey guys visit my channel"Animals TV1" then make sure you subscribe
Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson Month ago
Anyone realize how they hug and he cut the cameras
SasSQAUSH Month ago
My brothers dog died a few weeks ago and ever since everything just felt kinda wierd😭😭😭
Juliza Cruz
Juliza Cruz Month ago
I actually think this is one of the best videos u ever made
Autumn Ling
Autumn Ling Month ago
I'm so glad for you and booker
Evelyn Jimenez
Evelyn Jimenez Month ago
Can anyone tell me what kind of dog is booker ?😩
Gabriel Rodriguez
am glad your dog ok
Zay 2k
Zay 2k Month ago
I was shaking
She’s here for clout obviously 🙄
XoTiiC Gaming
XoTiiC Gaming Month ago
He’s still using her for views wow. Let her live her life lol
Ariyanna Month ago
Thank god Now I need some prayer for my cat cuz my cat has to go to the vet she is sick and it’s expensive so some prayers 😩
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
David Galvan
David Galvan Month ago
Lame ass videos dude get over here already you’re a simp dead ass
spoken ruling
spoken ruling Month ago
One day jackie going to get back with Brandon lol 😜
Qtippy Month ago
She was sucking on phora 😡
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
Aka Walmart lil mosey
youngboy savage
youngboy savage Month ago
i started crying be for you started reading the email but thx god
slimey_dreams.101 slimey
Low key skipped the whole part where Jackie was talking she irrelevant
MahoneBiebbabe Month ago
Did brian move back to mama and papa rugs house??
Pablo 24k
Pablo 24k Month ago
Brandon:😰 booker:😐
Kaylee Louise
Kaylee Louise Month ago
Aww he is a strong cutie meant to be with his family 💯♥️
Flights’ Plug
Flights’ Plug Month ago
Brawadis: “Booker your my best friend” Bawsly walks in : 👁👅👁 “WhAtS gOiN oN hErE”
Meli Hernandez
Meli Hernandez Month ago
Lol it’s sad how he has to have Jackie in his videos. He is NOTHING without her . Pathetic
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
Pretty much Jackie carried his channel
Brandonisicy Month ago
This guy acts like a lil kid , lol bro just go back to beign funny and not overdoin everything, he makes every little thing a big ass deal
hotline_bee Month ago
Damn what they feeding them dogs?!
Jabez Candanoza
Jabez Candanoza Month ago
lol when u called booker "fatso" reminds me of when my dad calls his cat fatso and she gets mad and leaves away from him ha
La Chona
La Chona Month ago
Here we go again USING HER FOR CLOUT! How many more videos are you going to make with her??
Kendra Wilson
Kendra Wilson Month ago
What kind of dog is Booker
MOthelover177 Month ago
Dude I’m happy his son is ok and god bless u bro
Adam Hamm
Adam Hamm Month ago
I hope he gets better
Mikayla Morales
Mikayla Morales Month ago
I’m happy your dog is ok but my dog has breast cancer but she is trying her best so Brandon pls reply it would make my day bc I’m really sad my dog is a pitbull and her name is sky
Lulitoo Soti
Lulitoo Soti Month ago
Prayers go to boker still 🙏🙏
James Dombroski
James Dombroski Month ago
Let's all be honest Booker is why we all watch his videos he so cute
GriffyGames Month ago
My dog has a bump but he hasn't had any effects of it and its most likely a sist
Aureazucena A
Aureazucena A Month ago
Thank God I love this happiness for you Brandon after all you have been trough!!!...God is good!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰My bookernis fine love you booker thw atarcof this channel along with Brandon!!!😍😍😍😍
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Month ago
Unsubscribed bro 😂😂 desperate for views ong
Xqbz_ Month ago
Spend as much time as possible with him, I recently found out one of my dogs have cancer :(
Augustine Meza
Augustine Meza Month ago
i was happy that jackie said no to you
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Month ago
6.19 it looks like booker knows
Billy From Philly
Wait what I thought he was done with her for good
Armando Dominguez
stephansr Month ago
i can’t watch these two anymore
Blazed Legend
Blazed Legend Month ago
I just love how booker is acting a like a person and staring at the camera
Alejandro Aguilar
You uh sucka ,back with Jackie
Jocyy n
Jocyy n Month ago
I’m so glad he’s ok
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Month ago
Lumps are not bad most of the time
Malak Khattab
Malak Khattab Month ago
You are drama
Savion Hernandez
Hope everything good with brooker but common man she getting pipped from her other man you gave her a car everything quit being a simp Nd move on pimp 👆
KIKI YT Month ago
I had a dog that had 2 cancers and survied. But it died bc she was old❤️
Scopez Jab Jab
Scopez Jab Jab Month ago
Why is Anthony never in your vids anymore
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