The Scariest Night of our Life. 

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Feb 25, 2021




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Sara Herrera
Sara Herrera 3 days ago
Ask Jackie out again. She may say yes now
IGDHawk30 4 days ago
He was mad that Booker the dog wasn’t an all star, not that Devin Booker “wasn’t” an all star
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez 5 days ago
Ik that Jackie and Brandon will get back together in the future. Brandon can’t live without Jackie, Jackie can’t live without Brandon. These two need each other in life and they know it. Jackie will realize that she needs Brandon and they are meant for each other. They are meant for each other Jackie will be the mother of his children and Brandon will be the fathers of her children. They are meant for each other that they will find a way back to each other rn they are taking some space but soon hopefully they will find a way back to each other Jackie will never find a guy like Brandon. Right people, wrong time. Right script, wrong line. Hopefully they will find each other again and brackie will be back! I wish them the best🤍they are meant for each other and they know it. All love❤️
Giana Rivera
Giana Rivera 5 days ago
remember the time two yrs ago when brandon said he had to get rid of Booker and he still had him! the luck tho!!
AlaniPouDenXanei 8 days ago
Booker is like a child with divorced parents.
symphony rodriguez
bro you haters have no life.. y’all think you know them and what going on from a 15-20 min video.. Brandon try to push through it you might have haters but you have many more lovers and supporters.. remember that 💞.
Amy Brockney
Amy Brockney 10 days ago
Every one is so angry i dnt care how many times he cries to us w should b here through thick and thin if ur a true fan and truly care about him!!!! They have history n u cant just stop loving someone!!!!! I just know ill always b a real person to this guy cuz even through his break he was thinking about all of us!!! U dnt just give up on someone if ur real!!!!!❤
noodles 14 days ago
Bro, no. Stop hanging out with somebody that caused fricking depression. God, I can't stand what she did, walmart lil mosey. Also hope Booker's good
Jessica Winsworth
Jessica Winsworth 20 days ago
Wow.... we definitely know who the biggest fan of Devin booker is.
Vanessa Maria
Vanessa Maria 21 day ago
You should prank your parents that someone stole Bosley
Cesar Enriquez
Cesar Enriquez 22 days ago
LOl that is so crazy I knew he was going to go to a rang room that's crazy.
Zoe Van zyl
Zoe Van zyl 24 days ago
Not yall going after Jackie Yes she hurt him But shes been there for him Now whatever happens between them is their business If he wants to get back with her it's his choice not ours so let's just respect that please And these comment could really hurt Jackie's feelings if she sees this Shes human too and also has feelings that can be hurt Please just respect them Stay safe everyone Much love to Jackie, Booker,brawadis and the rest of the family♡♡
LaZy PanDa Gaming
LaZy PanDa Gaming 25 days ago
Jackie Don't Deserve You Man
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 25 days ago
Oh my gosh 😭😭
Andrea Herrera
Andrea Herrera 29 days ago
ok but this is the same thumbnail from a video from 9 months ago called “we spend a night at the haunted house” ok i’m a real fan for noticing that
Wolfy Month ago
Don’t care
A1mighty LazR
A1mighty LazR Month ago
Then why did you click on this video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ciro Matthew
Ciro Matthew Month ago
Me watching when he became a all star but got injured smh
Arpan Sharma
Arpan Sharma Month ago
Shadi Berwarii
Shadi Berwarii Month ago
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Month ago
My dog had it and he died
kane marie
kane marie Month ago
10:56 🤣🤣
Tyler Witten
Tyler Witten Month ago
From the Oklahomans we are praying for you
hiwot kiros
hiwot kiros Month ago
Deandrea Cox
Deandrea Cox Month ago
Pov:Brawadis breaking random stuff because he's rich and he can buy anything at amytime
kurt2funny _
kurt2funny _ Month ago
Im sorry but when i hear Jackies voice in brawadis's vlog it makes me mad😒
Xusm Month ago
Wait when did Jackie come back
Zaheera Ismail
Zaheera Ismail Month ago
Plz plz i love
Zaheera Ismail
Zaheera Ismail Month ago
Plz stay strong I will always surport u
Ana aaa
Ana aaa Month ago
Aww I love seeing them together 🤍🤍🤍
Lay wade smith
Lay wade smith Month ago
Brandon you said if jackie wanted to be cool again u wouldn’t let her, you said she only here for the dog. but u let her be in your vlogs and stuff why would u have us sad and things for u and then let her back in your damn life thats fucked up and not fair
carlos lima
carlos lima Month ago
Prayers to booker 🙏🏽
twinpistols11 Month ago
Jackie fcked half of holywood and dude took her back in an instant smfh you lost a sub my dude
Naj *
Naj * Month ago
So we’re just gonna act like Brandon’s didn’t go into a rage room🤣😭
Angelique Money
Angelique Money Month ago
I feel like she just went back with him because she was getting hate and is just using him for clout
Northoxy Month ago
LOL ALI what are we mad about...
Juliana Garcia
Juliana Garcia Month ago
He gets a million views once Jackie comes around lol y’all nosey af
Jennifer Pennebaker
I don't believe that you and Jackie are friends again.
cynthia chepkorir
Jackie just makes Brandon happy... when jackie left, everything was just not okay with Brandon...
Gabriel Castellanos
I feel you
xbeast _
xbeast _ Month ago
Devin booker gets picked a all star
Mason Keeth
Mason Keeth Month ago
Why yall hating on this man he literally does US-first for youre entrainment if you actually watch all his videos you would understand. Yall quit hating fr fr. Yall try to bring him down with every video but he don't care. Just stop damn
Ruby Enriquez
Ruby Enriquez Month ago
Leave her in the past why you keep bringing her back in your life 🤦‍♀️ smh
Brayan b
Brayan b Month ago
Bruh I’m done watching his videos 😂
Godeyez Month ago
"Roses Are Red" "Violets Are Blue" "Outside I’m Smiling" "But inside I'm Crying" "I just wish people would notice my content"
Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Gonzales Month ago
that was not good
The Game Snake
The Game Snake Month ago
My dog is 12 years old and he has like 6 tomers Ans none of there r cancer
king SAVAGE Month ago
Slam your on the concrete not (the soft grass)your not down🤭
Daisy Jimenez
Daisy Jimenez Month ago
Theresa Marrufo
Theresa Marrufo Month ago
God, Brandon reminds me of a twelve year old having a temper tantrum! Grow up! Geez!
Maryam M
Maryam M Month ago
Brandon walked under the ladder for bad luck
Vic Month ago
He used a bump as an excuse to see Jackie. Definition of a simp😭😭😭
gaming master
gaming master Month ago
why do u lie??
Modded EzMoneY
Modded EzMoneY Month ago
Ahhh ima just go watch Netflix be back in a month or whenever Jackie is gone ✌️
cherish laii
cherish laii Month ago
awee the lady that waved at booker 13:06
Tweak A LeeK
Tweak A LeeK Month ago
Not them using Booker to start hanging out again lol
Mblloyd Month ago
We miss u Jackie
Lxon-FN Month ago
brandon ur probs reading this and hear me out u gotta move on from tht bis
Lxon-FN Month ago
"claim your here after 1 million views"
Biden Is Yo President 2020
Did Jackie Just Call Brandon “Babe”? 😳😳
Cosmo Vlog
Cosmo Vlog Month ago
Shii everybody talking about Jackie now 😂😂🤦‍♂️ shii what about which video was it that Romel was going to fight?
Lil S
Lil S Month ago
Good to know that Jackie is being used for thumbnails again
Madinah Ashrati
Madinah Ashrati Month ago
Lmao that's Afghans for you
Luis Bhamonde
Luis Bhamonde Month ago
get better
Mandi Villegas
Mandi Villegas Month ago
How old is this guy and uses his dog as an excuse to see Jackie? Imagine what his family thinks lmaoo
Chanelle Ndayishimiye
4:26 and in the preview of the video I thought u were an exterminator for bugs bro🤣😂🤣
TyshanB Month ago
Regular vid: 500k Jackie vid: 1mil This fucking guy 😂
Truly Month ago
Once Jackie started to fall off she goes back to Brandon to get that clout back😐
Truly Month ago
@ItsEmoneeVlogs fr
Truly Month ago
@Ar a cause Jackie used Brandon for clout why would she put him in a thumbnail when Brandon can just put her in multiple thumbnails/videos
ItsEmoneeVlogs Month ago
Clout chaser
Ar a
Ar a Month ago
How if he the one putting her as thumbnail? You don’t see Jackie putting him on his thumbnails
Mr. Ambush
Mr. Ambush Month ago
Fr she just trying to get clout and get checks for it
Byron Guayllazaca
My cat died like that it was really sad
shouts mendoza
shouts mendoza Month ago
Man yall are stupid if ya think jackie was the reason they broke up. The whole news was on twitter bout gaywadis seeing other girls while they were on a break but still wanted jackie around. Brandon told jackie to lie about seeing another guy , so ya gaywadis fans wouldnt be asking for her.
Moewrld HP
Moewrld HP Month ago
Bill Green
Bill Green Month ago
Only thing scary is the girl in your thumbnail
kalvindabean Month ago
The ex girlfriend titles smh
Кристиян Павлов
8:21 Here's what you came for. You're welcome
Critical 2.0 PlayZ
2.14 - Ali confused
Vivian Vela
Vivian Vela Month ago
As long as he’s happy we should be happy for him!! only true supporters understand ❤️
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Month ago
poor rug lakers allways lose like WTF I DONT LIKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE
Keyamah’s World
t_love majal
t_love majal Month ago
Oh noh, Jackie is here again… 😱
glenn jacob
glenn jacob Month ago
Scariest night to bring jackie back😅😅😅😅
Savannah Ward
Savannah Ward Month ago
Can y’all like not if he wants to be friends with her then let him it’s not y’all’s life and yes I do understand that she left him but there doing this for booker and it there life’s y’all don’t like then leave his channel.Cuz he’s been going threw a lot and before Jackie left wasn’t she the one helping him threw everything and helping out with booker? So just leave them alone
Snixx Vlogs
Snixx Vlogs Month ago
I know y’all don’t like Jackie but hate isn’t right, she left Brandon for a dude instead of leading Brandon on, she’s back for booker which they both built a friendship if Brandon wants to go back that’s his choice y’all need to stay out their buisness
VEGETUBE Month ago
2:56 this part reminds me of that horror movie (hostel)
m m
m m Month ago
How i don't get it how is Jackie back
Yamile Beltran
Yamile Beltran Month ago
Brandon needs to stop putting Jackie in the vlogs and thumbnails😐
Farsi Translation of Quran
Don’t listen to people but be cool with her you know you care for her and her being around you is better than anything. Here things will get screw up when you allow her to get flirt with you and makes you feel comfortable when you don’t have it will make you miserable. The better thing is to stay away completely but the smart thing is to keep In contact with her at the same time be-careful. With your feelings it is not in your control.
dolphin Month ago
Went from smiling when he was with the boys to straight face when I saw her smh
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis Month ago
We need Booker
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis Month ago
Without Booker there is no Jackie
Maribel Month ago
Booker definitely looks like he put on a couple of pounds 🐕🐕😊
Amy Stendel
Amy Stendel Month ago
🙏🏻 for Booker! 💙🐾
Laith alkalani
Laith alkalani Month ago
You know that when you bring back Jackie your vlogs turn shit.
Johnni Isaiah Delgado
Brandon we don’t want to cancel you but she gotta GO !
Sergio damian Lomeli
It will be good
Meylanie Month ago
Lol what a joke . 😭💩 don’t post again when she breaks your heart .
Matt Fink06
Matt Fink06 Month ago
it’s probably a tummer
Life Changing
Life Changing Month ago
When is Brandon gonna learn.. he deserves to be happy.
Peter Gazer
Peter Gazer Month ago
Devin Booker is trash and inconsistent stop being biased
PradaDre Jr
PradaDre Jr Month ago
If your a OG fan it’s just crazy like ahh shit here we go again she must have the best cat ever
You guys coming in here and talking shit and typing stupid things.. Leave him and her alone LIKE WTF let them be
kelli eplett
kelli eplett Month ago
praying for booker
Jeffrey Alvarado
These Jackie vids have been doin pretty good lol
How I Spent My Break..