They couldn’t believe their eyes.. **SHOCKING SURPRISE** 

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Feb 9, 2021




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best choice
best choice Day ago
Sanket Patra
Sanket Patra 4 days ago
Wow... Supper
Sãiñi rampuria
Sãiñi rampuria 5 days ago
Sambhav Jain
Sambhav Jain 7 days ago
Knowledge videos
Knowledge videos 7 days ago
Nice video
Vaibhav Garg
Vaibhav Garg 8 days ago
Tilak Gowda
Tilak Gowda 8 days ago
Nice act
SANJAY FUN. YT 18 days ago
Op bro
Kyran Tofunny
Kyran Tofunny Month ago
5:27 is that a Tesla
Crepes543 Month ago
Lets go Brady
Phineas Covert
Phineas Covert Month ago
The chiefs offensive line was injured and Patrick mahomes was running around the whole game and his receivers couldn’t catch
Jamie Lee Ashton
Shocking 😂
AMANDA Cheske Month ago
Frexi Month ago
💀 everytime he comes back the lotion is gone
Redz Month ago
Papa rug “braddyyy
Emiliano Arellano
I was staring at some else🍑
Kids Martinez
Kids Martinez Month ago
Junior will be like "this is just like Mario kart ".
Wildlife Casas
Wildlife Casas Month ago
It only been a week he weak aff
Just Jacob.368
Just Jacob.368 Month ago
Lotion for school 😏
Israel Romo
Israel Romo Month ago
Poor Booker
Chukwuma Bernard Nwalor
Maybe he has dry skin oooorrrr he's doing the thing
Malikai Devilbiss
You'll Brandon I love your vlogs the new for Amparo Porterville and I really want to go to San Diego and I want to meet you
Christopher Torres Gonzalez
Lotion for school 🤣🤣🤣
Aryanna Month ago
I love the vlogs !!
BigPapaTony Month ago
I love you
Omar Anwar
Omar Anwar Month ago
Lotion 🧴 😳 😂
Braden wyatt
Braden wyatt Month ago
When he said " u think I got him golddd"
Travis Bruce
Travis Bruce Month ago
Anthony looks young again without a beard
Ryan Month ago
Lebron not a goat🤦🏽‍♂️
Dalton Faubus
Dalton Faubus Month ago
He's obvi beating his meat, I used to do that stuff all the time with vaseline and lotion as a kid , hahah eww it's so weird idk what I was on ,ha ha lol, lady's hmu
TripleX_Master Month ago
When Brandon say to Brian "I'm not you" lmao xD
Shona Month ago
Hey guys 🙋🏾‍♀️God loves you so much 🕊Jesus is coming back soon be ready ✝️you’re so loved and appreciated 🙏🏾spread this message so more people can know and love God 🥺God bless you give your life to God he’s got the best plan for you 🤍
Josè Rivas
Josè Rivas Month ago
So in love with Nour, I knew who it was as soon as I seen her LOL. 😍😍❤️🥺🥺
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 2 months ago
Can we appreciate Anthony’s little glow up he has going on!
paul. thegoat
paul. thegoat 2 months ago
anthony lost some weight hes looking gooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddd
Noelia Marin
Noelia Marin 2 months ago
Not the Vaseline and lotion✋🏻😂
Logan Ronk
Logan Ronk 2 months ago
Brady is good because he uses a deflated football
Brrywld 2 months ago
Thay do have a candle that smells like gas
_yungxchris _
_yungxchris _ 2 months ago
Why he gotta expose Jr like tha n when he gon make a US-first channel bruh
Esme Tafoya
Esme Tafoya 2 months ago
Nour : " like forever?" 😆🤣😂
Rachael Gonzales
Rachael Gonzales 2 months ago
U know that's the superbowl is fixed they alls want Brady to win that's y it's easy money.the refs r paid off plus Brady wife is into wicca
Butterツ 2 months ago
He don’t use that lotion cuz he got dry skin 😅
Lexigirl 2 months ago
Rug was so chill and calm during the game😂 he's like wtf these guys are crazy I'm tryna watch this
EZCLAP YT 2 months ago
I swear junior was happier when he got the lotion and vaslin
Evelyn Ceballos
Evelyn Ceballos 2 months ago
Anthony looks skinny
samia smoqi
samia smoqi 2 months ago
Brawadis I want you to say sorry. To Jackie please bring her back in your video s
Jazlyn Sanchez
Jazlyn Sanchez 2 months ago
It was funny when Anthony said “ you gave him “the” car” 😂😂
Micallef Productions
The fake cop stuff is so funny! 🤣🤣
Stephanie Balcazar
Stephanie Balcazar 2 months ago
Super bowl
Stephanie Balcazar
Stephanie Balcazar 2 months ago
I watch it
FaZe AlPhA
FaZe AlPhA 2 months ago
Lebron isn't the goat js, the goat is n always be michael
Josh Maynard
Josh Maynard 2 months ago
Jay needs to make his own US-first channel lol
Niraj Sahay
Niraj Sahay 2 months ago
I think actually junior does not deserve it bro " for real "
Kiing J
Kiing J 2 months ago
Brandon got a good heart
Brendan Jones
Brendan Jones 2 months ago
Yoooooo Anthony looks so healthy
L C 2 months ago
Faze rug couldn’t have said it any better , all the other members in the awadis family are always getting spoiled for doing nothing like Mandy or winning challenges like Sherman or just for fun like Jessica and rami , jay is always helping Brandon out and seems to be the one less credited too and just kinda forgotten about. I think this car is well deserved ☺️💜
Kake Avilla
Kake Avilla 2 months ago
Brian's like "I swear ii can't believe anybody in this family anymore" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luke Munji
Luke Munji 2 months ago
Who’s gonna tell him why j needs the lotion
Dopeness_drops 2 months ago
All his sisters were salty 🧂🤣
Roberto Serrano
Roberto Serrano 2 months ago
Who else went to go look for the video in which Brandon gives Anthony the i8
TPS Vlogz
TPS Vlogz 2 months ago
The only reason the chiefs lost is bc we had three starting O lineman out and Tyreek Hill wouldn’t catch the ball and Travis Kelce wouldn’t catch the ball either
Dennis Darr
Dennis Darr 2 months ago
I know why the hub
Tandy 2 months ago
I stay in daygo my ass finna be careful😭
Rune Odden
Rune Odden 2 months ago
I’m just watching videos
- [ ] hi just wanted to say God gave his only son Jesus to die for our sins, you are loved-John 3:16.
SaucyMcNuggets 69
SaucyMcNuggets 69 2 months ago
I'm from Kansas so I was wanting the chiefs to win but idc ima rams fan
Khalid Abdulle
Khalid Abdulle 2 months ago
it is so right that gasoline or petrol smells nice for some reason
Ricky Papi
Ricky Papi 2 months ago
They so fine 😍
Mila Halpin
Mila Halpin 2 months ago
Reverse_on_ omoh
Reverse_on_ omoh 2 months ago
that add tho
Jesus Madrigal
Jesus Madrigal 2 months ago
Yessssss we used jackie for something good yes sir!!!!!!
Trye'Vaughn Houston
Trye'Vaughn Houston 2 months ago
Yu guys do know that’s Jackie’s old car only OG’$ would remember
Carlos Alonzo
Carlos Alonzo 2 months ago
9:23 rug: “is it for a week” brandon: “im not you” lmfaoo
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 2 months ago
The rent a cop is such a bad actor
Jc Live
Jc Live 2 months ago
18th birthday 18 nuts popped
ItsYaBoiA-Aron 74
ItsYaBoiA-Aron 74 2 months ago
If it makes you feel better I lost $100 too
Fenne Verrecas
Fenne Verrecas 2 months ago
Sherman looks like he's been working out
King Luke
King Luke 2 months ago
on the hub
WujekStryjek 2 months ago
Nore is soo gorgeous wow.
Undefeated_Beasst 2 months ago
Done @Faze rug lastest video.
Abdul-Rohman Sjamsajev
Rip faze rug gf at evry scearm ali and brawadis and vis other frenids
Cayden Peck
Cayden Peck 2 months ago
13:48 :0
genesis1 2 months ago
What would it take to become Brandon’s cousin !
Bob Jeff
Bob Jeff 2 months ago
3.. 2... ad
Israel Cuesta
Israel Cuesta 2 months ago
In the video where he gave him the car he says he don’t care about money and he really made a part 2 of the same thing lmaoo why??? FOR THE MONEYY 🤣🤣🤣💀
CHASERGILL 2 months ago
Brawadis ur the best youtuber in the world dont let hate get to u dont change ur personality. People are just jealous of u I hope u get over everything if u ever need to talk to someone u still have ur brother faze rug,mama rug,papa rug, etc. When I grow up I want to be just like u keep up the great work! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Kevin Sicairos
Kevin Sicairos 2 months ago
Anyone else think that Anthony looks skinnier, he reminds me of his old self
mafia 165 hz
mafia 165 hz 2 months ago
7:16 I gotchu boys lmaooo
Victor Sierra
Victor Sierra 2 months ago
Nour 🥰
DAVE DEMELLO 2 months ago
What happened to the BMW i8 where is it
Eutimio Lopez
Eutimio Lopez 2 months ago
Nour and amanda being the best looking
qtJologs 2 months ago
is it gollddd? idk he likes minecraft
Gracie Belmontes
Gracie Belmontes 2 months ago
play basketball with dober Brothers
Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley 2 months ago
The jealousy is real
Kyle Papunta
Kyle Papunta 2 months ago
Tom Brady paid the Super Bowl off that's the only reason they won
Rad Dad
Rad Dad 2 months ago
I love the bucs
lejs. ali.
lejs. ali. 2 months ago
Nour's back was recognisable
lejs. ali.
lejs. ali. 2 months ago
Next week:Junior had a car crash
Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Mitchell 2 months ago
I’m so happy for J lol he deserves it