The Final Goodbye. 

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Apr 7, 2021




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DJ Oreeyo Gaming
DJ Oreeyo Gaming 6 hours ago
When they was tryna get that splinter out his foot that had me dying😂😂😂😆😆😆
OnewayQuez Day ago
Dayum I really wanted to see when they pulled the splinter out im kinda pissed about that... now I’m gonna think for the rest of my life did they pull that splinter out ? Or did he leave it in his foot ? Maybe one day....
1:48 woah 2:21 he is actually a good guy 2:32 aaaaah oh sorry
Yaa-Koleki Gyasi-Adom
Love and support u brandon.
EMB x beastrugpie
I remember it
Matthew Jason
Matthew Jason 2 days ago
Nah bro I unsubbed i'm tired of watching him for 3 yrs and only clickbaits like he mad 10 of these videos and IT'S NOT GOODBYE LIKE BRO WHAT!
Emi Odyuo
Emi Odyuo 3 days ago
Nobody wearing even a pair of gloves...??what is this??
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas 3 days ago
Love you Brandon 🔥😍❤
Sawyer Ramage
Sawyer Ramage 3 days ago
Yo I’ve had that happen before when I was seven that shit hurt like a b**ch
Efrain Rojas
Efrain Rojas 3 days ago
memyprojects&I 3 days ago
I just realized Ive been playing what do you meme the wrong way...
DreAmZ Toxic
DreAmZ Toxic 3 days ago
Yay more pain
Dominic Ewing
Dominic Ewing 3 days ago
thank you MAAAAAAAAAAM brings back memories 😪
Redboy27x Ahmed
Redboy27x Ahmed 3 days ago
use a splinter out the are amasing they have sharp it to open your skin
I'm Awful
I'm Awful 3 days ago
you played the meme game wrong
Straight Punjabi Vibez
1. Clint no longer films your videos ???? 2. Shermans no longer in your videos ???? 3. Your no longer in shermans videos ???? 4. Sherman doesn't come to the house or nothing..... We want answers we don't wanna see the new house we've been asking the same question for one month..come on dude......
Gabriel Montoya
Gabriel Montoya 4 days ago
What happens? I literally thaught you brought a house
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor 4 days ago
He rented it. And blamed moving out on address being leaked.
Darien Farmer
Darien Farmer 4 days ago
lol Bodley in the making
Darien Farmer
Darien Farmer 4 days ago
Dang bro who notices that booker got fat?😱
xRickaye 4 days ago
The “thank you ma’am” caught on to me when you would always say it back in the day to your mom lol 🤣 keep up the great content bro!!! Hope everyone in the comments is having a great and amazing day!!! 🙏
Munchie Brittnee
Munchie Brittnee 4 days ago
Ann Gabriel
Ann Gabriel 4 days ago
If only you lived in Australia, just a little Australian Vegemite on a bandaid and it would draw that splinter out overnight, no pain!
That's A Rap
That's A Rap 4 days ago
Why do y’all play the meme game in reverse?😂
Dam D 210
Dam D 210 4 days ago
Beard gang or what?? Rug needs to grow one now
OgTrap 4 days ago
I want to know what happened with u and Antony it’s like after that one video y’all don’t hang out no more I only see him with others
bill gates
bill gates 4 days ago
That happend to me and I had to get a sooing nedle and poke it of my foot
Madie Bestul
Madie Bestul 4 days ago
I miss angry grandpa 😭
tasneem shakir
tasneem shakir 4 days ago
dont wanna scare u but if a splinter gets into ur bloodstream and reaches ur heart u can die ;-;
Melissa McGuire
Melissa McGuire 4 days ago
You are scaring the people about the vaccine now a lot of people might not take it we will be in this mess forever
Caden McGill
Caden McGill 4 days ago
I loved this family but Brian and Brandon’s videos got to the point to where I never knew if I was gonna be clickbaited...
Tenzin Sangpo
Tenzin Sangpo 4 days ago
How old is rocket
Cristiano Ronaldo
Ahh don’t touch my foot it tickles 😂😂
Firstname Lastname
this nigga moves into a new house every 2 months
Donte Syrup
Donte Syrup 4 days ago
Nour caught playing with brawadis feet. Use this information wiselym
Kenny Melgar
Kenny Melgar 4 days ago
They’re always gonna end up moving back in watch 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Drip _
Drip _ 4 days ago
Am I the only one who’s mad they didn’t show Brandon getting the splinter out?
Sabrina Ruck
Sabrina Ruck 4 days ago
Lol my 8 yr old son didnt even act like that when he got glass deep in his foot 🤣
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez 4 days ago
You'll be back with mom in a few months
CltRamos Yt
CltRamos Yt 4 days ago
I literally had to use warm salt water last night for my sprained ankle 😭😭
Leo Arrezola
Leo Arrezola 4 days ago
this vid should be called: “another click-baited video”
Swastika Surve 9th G 52
Bro u will not believe I also got splinter in my finger the day u got.
JohnoBeSwavy OG
JohnoBeSwavy OG 4 days ago
i ain’t no hater but seen this vid to many times mommy’s boy will be back when he gets his hart broke agen ig i’m starting to hate sorry not sorry
Yt_Operator 4 days ago
Not a single second in the video contained you saying goodbye to his house lmao fucking clickbaiting shithead no wonder Jackie left you
Joshua Neave
Joshua Neave 4 days ago
Wtf. This video so dumb af what good bye 🤦‍♂️
Ethan Najera
Ethan Najera 4 days ago
That happens to me once but with glass and it hurt soooooooooooooo bad
Boi i
Boi i 4 days ago
Can't wait to see the new house that you decide to move into! Hope it goes great.
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 4 days ago
Brawadis has to stop playing basketball, all he’s got is an Explosive first step and a Bomb jump shot
RussWest44 4 days ago
Thass one big feet xD
k Watkins
k Watkins 4 days ago
Nor was over the overreaction lol
Sik_z _903
Sik_z _903 5 days ago
Angry grandpa go tooooo hard
ʝυѕт α ρєяѕσи
Who saw his Instagram story
Porkchop 5 days ago
Nour 💕
russ Money
russ Money 5 days ago
Rip Angry grandpa 💔
Junior Villanueva
Did chanel get her lips done?
otxfrizzle 5 days ago
My dad was ran over by a bob cat like a year ago almost an he yelled at the begging but like 2minitea after he took his cigarette out and smoked one he was in the hospital for 2 almost 3 months
DRIZZY SEBA 5 days ago
she so valid she watches angry grandpa
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 5 days ago
Is it just me or does his crush look like faze adapts old girl. Ariana or some like that
Samuel Rosser
Samuel Rosser 5 days ago
Taleen K
Taleen K 5 days ago
Omg it was soooo nice seeing all the cousins again
tsuki no akumu
tsuki no akumu 5 days ago
Respect ali
Robert Crawford Jr.
Lol they didn't even show the part if the splinter got out or not
Alex ツ
Alex ツ 5 days ago
Omg the oh vibes coming back from this video
Alex ツ
Alex ツ 5 days ago
Prayers for allie
Bryan Velasco
Bryan Velasco 5 days ago
Bro brandon ur deadass the reason i say "thank u ma'am appreciate it" to this day 💀
Khyrese Kennedy
Khyrese Kennedy 5 days ago
He played angry grandpa
Van Lee
Van Lee 5 days ago
I love her ❤❤❤
Israel Ralla
Israel Ralla 5 days ago
Thank you maaam preciate ittt, THREW ME BACK!!😭
Beebox3 5 days ago
Lena Yoder
Lena Yoder 5 days ago
Hope your friend gets better again
Parishays Life
Parishays Life 5 days ago
Well not your last day I bet your gonna be back at least once a week
HYPED-EVAN 5 days ago
bra the cards nvm 😂
Tristan C.G
Tristan C.G 5 days ago
Who else misses the basketball games
Pixel Force
Pixel Force 5 days ago
Little netflix n chill
ItsYoBoiDave 5 days ago
A cool video idea .Is taking mama rug and papa rug to Iraq to their childhood home
M Games
M Games 5 days ago
Ismot me pr he is always saying hes leaving US-first for good and then he posts the next day like???
Landon Smith Dailey Life
You should buy it
Rebecca Garry
Rebecca Garry 5 days ago
STOP brandon
Yvonne Y Vargas Cienfuegos
Next time use a needle its way better!
IX ASP3CT IX 5 days ago
Dam how come Sherman the virgin dont play basketball ball with them no more???????
Daniel Jaworski
Daniel Jaworski 5 days ago
Suns are good this year best team right
MWA Diego
MWA Diego 5 days ago
This volt was not good
Jhon Z
Jhon Z 5 days ago
That vaccine gave Ali super powers 😂
Fortdog 5 days ago
My dad had a splinter in his foot that was 2.3 inches. Almost lost his leg due to infection
PRETTYELI 5 days ago
Both you guys be buying houses then moving right back in with the family 😂
Brandon you need to make a video of Ali vs rami that would get so many views there both tall
Tazmaza 5 days ago
Austin Miranda
Austin Miranda 5 days ago
What happen to basketball games Brandon
Gail Miller
Gail Miller 5 days ago
Say hello to your brother for me don’t tell him this name this is my grandma‘s name my real name is Liliana
Little lori B
Little lori B 5 days ago
Aww shes so pretty 😍
Avner Davidov
Avner Davidov 5 days ago
Bro I miss rami,Dennis
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 5 days ago
jayalysa 5 days ago
There’s 666k views 👀
Vivix Clips
Vivix Clips 5 days ago
Thank you maaaaammmm
It’s Leo
It’s Leo 5 days ago
Why can’t Brandon ? Play like that when he playing 1v1 ? Lolll
Caden Ashkar
Caden Ashkar 5 days ago
i love watching old AGP vids
kevonthagod Edwards
I’m going to get the vaccine here didnt miss not one shot
Sam Bull
Sam Bull 5 days ago
Nor is baddddd
Antwan A
Antwan A 5 days ago
I was just watching agp yesterday
Maria Andrade
Maria Andrade 5 days ago
Brandon’s friend kinda of resembles jackie
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 5 days ago
Literally a couples days ago I was play what do you meme and then right after we were playing cards against humanity. That is really funny to me