Transforming a Homeless Mans Life.. **EMOTIONAL** 

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Mar 28, 2021




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Brawadis 17 days ago
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Henry Marshall
Henry Marshall 4 days ago
Yes sir
Jordan Lesley
Jordan Lesley 7 days ago
@Sup Trolli idk
Angel Caracoza
Angel Caracoza 11 days ago
Help him get a job
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy 12 days ago
@Sup Trolli how is it a scam? Dummy lol
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy 12 days ago
@Omar yeah that frustrated me !!
Leandro Hana
Leandro Hana 8 hours ago
id rather give the 300 dollars to mike or anybody else in need
Leandro Hana
Leandro Hana 8 hours ago
id rather give the 300 dollars to mike or someone in need
Andrea Stewart
I'm only about halfway through this video and Brandon this is fking amazing how inspiring makes me wanna go out and help someone like Mike damn Brandon's really been winning me over lately a while back he did a basketball video with Brian where he put a bunch of prizes around the court and if you make the shot you get the prize that was at that spot and he gave some nice stuff away I feel like ever since that video Brandon has really been working on himself to be better and do better. Excited to watch the rest of this video Mike appreciates everything so much and it makes it that much better! How awesome love this video!
David Campos
David Campos Day ago
Its a scam no one has won the 300 dollars CURRENT AND BRANDON SCAMMED US
steven nguyen
God Bless to Brandon and Brian for helping out so much!
This reminded me of XXXTENTACION ;/
Thank u for all the genuine things you do to give back and help people i love u for that and the person u are.
Tanner Smart
Tanner Smart Day ago
you are my favorite youtuber
Tanner Smart
Tanner Smart Day ago
shazaim hero
shazaim hero Day ago
Love you 2 Rug But Brawadis make a Huge Space in My Heart...?
shazaim hero
shazaim hero Day ago
Love you More than Faze Rug
Evan Grance
Evan Grance Day ago
You and your brother are amazing I guarantee they do this a lot more we just don’t see on camera. 🤙🏽
Ultimate Buckeye
Shoutout to you Brandon for constantly helping people out 💯
mekehebi Day ago
Mike used to coach my son in baseball.
Jullz fam
Jullz fam Day ago
More videos like this
Chanthorn Chi
Ur truly a blessing amazing person helping other love ur videos 💘💘💘
Jordan Day ago
Y is there dislikes on the video
david walls
david walls 2 days ago
bro it looked like mike had one of thoses rings on from the homless guys @faze rug helped out
Anees Kerbelkar
Anees Kerbelkar 2 days ago
God bless
Nicolas Sullens
Nicolas Sullens 3 days ago
The extra-large extra-small exuberant wrinkle importantly scribble because club incidentally own an a quizzical chard. busy, delirious switch
it's just jesica _Gonzalez
Matthew 27:56 (ESV): 56 among whom were Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. It's a Big Blessing! From God Father Savoir and Jesus Christ Savoir Father! Amen To God Savoir Father and Jesus Christ Savoir Father and Amen and Amen to God Father Savoir and Jesus Christ Savoir Father's Power and Miracles and Blessings!
it's just jesica _Gonzalez
Amen Yes So True! 🕌💒⛪🤍🙏🏻✨😁
it's just jesica _Gonzalez
Amen Yes! 🕌💒⛪🤍🙏🏻✨😁😁
Hunter Y
Hunter Y 3 days ago
Always pay it forward man. It will always come back 10x fold.
Jwill 3 days ago
You are truly a amazing young man! Mad respect my man!
ChristaBella Diaz
i love your videos and i’m so happy for every one in this video !!
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic 4 days ago
bro u should have gave him his stuff
Vickie Greenwood
Vickie Greenwood 4 days ago
Your such a good man! God is working thru you! Keep it up!
Juanita Riddell
Juanita Riddell 4 days ago
request for momey
Henry Marshall
Henry Marshall 4 days ago
Brandon and Bryan are the most best people in the world
Sofia Mendoza
Sofia Mendoza 4 days ago
Ik him when I was in elementary he used to always say hi to me and my cousins and gave my cousin 1 dollar for his birthday he is a really nice person
Valeria Diaz
Valeria Diaz 4 days ago
Your amazing for helping people who need it and work so hard thank you 🙏🏼
Waleed Watson
Waleed Watson 4 days ago
he looks like faze rug now with his new hair
Kala Coats
Kala Coats 4 days ago
You deserve all the fame 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
HxtedZenny 4 days ago
HxtedZenny 4 days ago
Zuleyma Peralta
Zuleyma Peralta 5 days ago
Mo Master
Mo Master 5 days ago
He is soooooo funnnyyyyy
Mo Master
Mo Master 5 days ago
My guy mike needs more parts
Dirty Clan
Dirty Clan 6 days ago
I se him sometimes
Brazylmb 6 days ago
Rey Peters
Rey Peters 7 days ago
Such great family!
Brookasnake /Brooklyn
He is so funny I would be hanging out with him 24 7 ❤️❤️❤️
Emmanuel Soto
Emmanuel Soto 7 days ago
He’s thanking everything for god,god is good always 🙏🏽❤️
Pierre 7 days ago
bruh ur soo kind and nice i love you and your vids soo much
Nick2DaWorld 7 days ago
Sabrina k-poper
Sabrina k-poper 7 days ago
god bless you 🙏❤️❤️❤️
Samar Anwar
Samar Anwar 7 days ago
Nikki Mchugh
Nikki Mchugh 8 days ago
Ur awesome
Suzette Cabrera
Suzette Cabrera 8 days ago
You are so sweet. Thank you
STAINLESS FN 8 days ago
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles 8 days ago
I pray whoever see this you’ll be successful in life, God has a plan for you just trust the process never give up God bless everyone...💕
Haden Fontenot
Haden Fontenot 8 days ago
That's so nice
EYOAB GAMER 8 days ago
God bless you brandon love from Ethiopia
GM 8 days ago
Yo Mike is the coolest man you got to do more videos with Mike he reminds me of one of the old basketball characters from that movie I forgot the name he looks like he could play ball do more videos of Mike get a thumbs up
Haylee Riechmann
Haylee Riechmann 8 days ago
God bless you guys
haseeb Raja
haseeb Raja 8 days ago
Denisse Alvarado
Denisse Alvarado 8 days ago
Shanal Tissera
Shanal Tissera 8 days ago
You do it for the viewers you suck
GodzKing _7
GodzKing _7 9 days ago
I will always have respect for the brawadis family no joke
Jaden Garcia
Jaden Garcia 9 days ago
I love his vibes bro, he seems fun to be around 🔥
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam 9 days ago
I respect brandon he doesn't waste his money on bad stuff he helps the society and people
Candice Christian
AMAZING video Brandon.. keep it up.. blessings to your heart. For being a great roll MODEL....thanks to ALI for helping ...Respect 🥀🙏🤗♥️
Sampreme 9 days ago
The street vendors part made me tear up. They are usually some of the most hardworking genuine people. Especially now that alot of them are being targeted.. I mean When I see them I see my grandpa so thank you so much.
SELACALIFAS 9 days ago
Bruh you made me tear a lil bit. You got a good heart this why I watch you
Sarah Sookraj
Sarah Sookraj 9 days ago
I love his energy!!!
SELACALIFAS 9 days ago
3:42 oh yea homeboy from LA Fosho you know he was pimping back in the day !
alejandra escovar
🥺 the sweetest
Walid Ahmed Chowdhury
@brawadis is such a amazing loving caring person
BrianVlogsHD 10 days ago
I thought the first girl that pulled up was Jackie 😂😂
Christina Anderson
Christina Anderson 10 days ago
he is a good singer!
Kaos_Dion 10 days ago
Young Ced
Young Ced 10 days ago
This guy energy !
Alejandra Huynh『 DɆ - X Æ 』
Chad Miguel
Chad Miguel 10 days ago
mike is very humble
Leonardo Petrussen
Leonardo Petrussen 10 days ago
I can’t download the app since i’m from europe/:
Pablo Ramirez
Pablo Ramirez 10 days ago
Mohamed Amal
Mohamed Amal 10 days ago
Junior Mr Beast. RESPECT++++
Mesya Bachri
Mesya Bachri 10 days ago
Meee.. I needed so much.. Sending all my love, from Bali Indonesia.. Love you your family's as well... Im you guys subscribers, you all guys US-first channels... Love you
Rebecca Flores
Rebecca Flores 10 days ago
Very thoughtful 😊😊
Dimia Iacovetta
Dimia Iacovetta 11 days ago
I love these videos!!!
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 11 days ago
I know Mike he hangs out at the Linda vista recreation center
Regino Martinez
Regino Martinez 11 days ago
I love watching all of his family vlogs great an amazing family God bless them all
Tuff Hutcheson
Tuff Hutcheson 11 days ago
I love Brandon and this is why cause of this video
L1S- goat
L1S- goat 11 days ago
I’m so happy that he trust Jesus and is greatful for everything he is truly blessed praise God
Grizzlysk824 11 days ago
You are so genuine bro keep it up Fr Fr 🙏🏼
Ronaldo Ramirez
Ronaldo Ramirez 11 days ago
Teodora Soimu
Teodora Soimu 11 days ago
it’s a little bit like the blind side movie and I love this type of videos so much it’s very nice 💕 god blessed you ❤️
Reverb X
Reverb X 11 days ago
Love this shit ,hopefully one day I get to do the same . Much love
1Cast1Catch 11 days ago
To the 550 ppl that disliked Ur shud be homeless one day
William Ayele
William Ayele 11 days ago
US-firstrs should do more videos like this, and change actual lives than always making blogs to do with activity or others. Changing people's lives is very important. Especially, getting rid of as many bloggers from the streets, and letting them live the live as middle-classed people. Btw, shoutout to Mr. Beast!!
Wally Sagnia
Wally Sagnia 11 days ago
Hardest US-firstr no cap ♥️💯💯
Angel Caracoza
Angel Caracoza 11 days ago
@Brawadis you should rlly help him get a job
Daniella Cortez
Daniella Cortez 12 days ago
I love watching these types of videos. You and your family always doing so much and I believe we all appreciate what you guys do. ❤️❤️❤️i really don’t know how people could dislike this video. But you made me realize that I have a stable job now and I need to go out and help out others too!!
Frena Jibas
Frena Jibas 12 days ago
you have purpose in life, love you! ❤️
Syed Muhammad
Syed Muhammad 12 days ago
Fun fact the man your brother helped few years ago his name was also mike what a coincidence God bless you man
Jess Jay ツ
Jess Jay ツ 12 days ago
I can tell that Brandon is happy helping other people
njw306 thesavage
njw306 thesavage 12 days ago
Brawadis I think he can work for dahr man since one person died that was working there and I think Mike would do good because of his good vibes and it could help him but u should ask rug to link up to ask sorry this is so long but there not just telling stories there changing lives
njw306 thesavage
njw306 thesavage 12 days ago
Tbh I think Mike could be a singer
mahir 7862
mahir 7862 12 days ago
current isnt available in my country
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 12 days ago
God bless you all