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Feb 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen 11 hours ago
What the fuck man
best choice
best choice 12 hours ago
Jafet Mazariegos
Jafet Mazariegos 2 days ago
Did jackie need more money or something
Jojo Abboushi
Jojo Abboushi 2 days ago
Why y’all hating? Let them live the life and if that’s what they want to do let them. You don’t have to like it just don’t hate it’s not you life. And it’s none of your business if he gets “hurt” again
cynth bird lover
cynth bird lover 3 days ago
Brandon is such a nice guy
johnny bm
johnny bm 4 days ago
Bro down bad
fan boy
fan boy 4 days ago
My heart drop when I click this last month
IGDHawk30 4 days ago
He’s not using the dog for her, he’s using his heart for the dog.
Sanket Patra
Sanket Patra 4 days ago
Knowledge videos
Knowledge videos 8 days ago
Nice video
Tilak Gowda
Tilak Gowda 8 days ago
Vaibhav Garg
Vaibhav Garg 8 days ago
melissa J
melissa J 9 days ago
I don't see how she went that long without even seeing her dog. I'd at least still stay in touch because of Booker. I feel like Jackie lacks a certain level of love. I mean, she's caring and dependable yes. She's independent and she's a beautiful girl.. but she just gonna leave Booker and not even text or ask about him, within a 6 month time period? I don't get it.
iPokemom 12 days ago
Shot himself in the foot
Emily !
Emily ! 13 days ago
bro at this point if he gets hurt he gets hurt their using the dog as an excues 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jackie has always been mature... you finally stepped it up...
Ana Montelongo
Ana Montelongo 18 days ago
I’m done defending this man 🤦🏽 all on u man
LinenLoco45 20 days ago
Man if she hurts u again man it on u
Krunker_God 21 day ago
she belong to da streets
Michelle Ngchar
Michelle Ngchar 22 days ago
We supposed to be supporting them wtf is wrong with these comments😐 and yall saying she back for the clout yet wasn’t the one who texted Brandon don’t even start yall 😃 like me I was mad at Jackie but he’s happy so leave it
Michelle Ngchar
Michelle Ngchar 21 day ago
@Toxin _rs exactly he always admitted that when she’s in videos she gets him views, yet all the comments are talking abt her wanting clout again but he’s the one who texted her
Toxin _rs
Toxin _rs 21 day ago
The reason why were mad is because when they broke up supposedly Brandon was all sad and everything and didn't mention her at all and when she showed up we all knew that he did it for the views
Josue Yanez
Josue Yanez 22 days ago
Down bad
Boy23k Play Roblox
Boy23k Play Roblox 22 days ago
fuck her she say no to you
Najiba Mehjabin
Najiba Mehjabin 23 days ago
Why do you do like that with jackie be again together plz👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Catalina Batista
Catalina Batista 23 days ago
All the hate 😑 Brandon the real ones got your back booker gonna be the happiest dog
Sg03 23 days ago
Jackie still Peng🤘
Sg03 23 days ago
It's hard to forget and leave loved ones, Brandon still has love for her you can see it on his face...😢
The Yamasta’s
The Yamasta’s 25 days ago
Guys please understand that he is hurt.I did the same thing as...I went back. Once u have made a relationship w someone close, no matter how much they hurt u,u are gonna keep finding ways to go back to that person. It takes time to recover even after repeating multiply times. Please just take a look at his perspective before giving up courage towards him.🥺😊🙂
Jesus408 26 days ago
I don't like her why is she here
Armando Villareal
Armando Villareal 26 days ago
She belongs to the streets
ChosenUzi 26 days ago
This is the new prettyboyfredo N jasmine
DI AKOSI DOGIE 26 days ago
We all know you did this brandon for valentines.
Andrea Hernandez-Tamayo
Leena Rostami
Leena Rostami 28 days ago
Why Brandon whyyyyy
Shahim Hossain
Shahim Hossain 29 days ago
Bro i think that u made a wrong step u should ve let booker move on ,and lets be real u are just tryna use booker for her
Skizzzy Styles
Skizzzy Styles 29 days ago
Lols I don't see a problem being friends with ur ex if I was friends with my ex and I got a new gf I'd make her jealous af
Jenny Carrillo
Jenny Carrillo 29 days ago
What the heck why I hate Jackie .. I’m not going to say why
Neam 29 days ago
Damn I stop watching Brandon for a month and then I see Jackie in his videos again I can’t even lie it put a smile on my face seeing her in a vid again even with all shit the happened. Edit: after watching the vid I started to remember all the shit that happened I got pissed and the hearing Jackie laughing and talking just gave horrible vibes
fetty _wap_goat
fetty _wap_goat Month ago
I miss 2015-19 brawadis
Xhejlane Rahmani
I love da dog he’s so kut 😍
Family squad
Family squad Month ago
Smdh bro I think it’s time to hang it up and do something else away from US-first your just really embarrassing yourself your views hella hella dropped
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia Month ago
You a f ing b
swagkilleer45 Month ago
Makes me wonder if they did this for views 😂😂😂
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
Jose Ventura
Jose Ventura Month ago
9:51 look at jackie rolling her eyes 👀
Bella Trevino
Bella Trevino Month ago
Y’all rlly gotta chill out booker is like a real kid when you parents split up you still see both parents and they both talk there just not together
Nathan_JMorgan Month ago
That's crazy
Jorge Beristain
Jorge Beristain Month ago
67lifa Month ago
Wtf yo
KilledByTheBot Month ago
Brandon a while female herself lol I hope she hurt him again weird guy doing that doing that to himself
Ángel Domínguez
Harry Brockwell
Harry Brockwell Month ago
Get back together 💯
Baseball Highlights
Is know one going to talk about how her hat looks like bookers fur🤨
DannyFlores Month ago
Yesssssssss!!! There back!!
Dallas Month ago
Wow all he wants is clout! Same as any other US-firstr...I rlly thought Brandon was different. Said the dog wanted to see Jackie🤣 WTF am I even watching anymore. Clout chaser
mohammed al-kaffaji
bro wtf
Erika liset Benavidez
Lmao are you dumb 😂😂 wthhh .. keep getting the clout Jackie . Get it girl
b.someone something
They're talking about the dog as if it's a kid
Dev R
Dev R Month ago
This is the most down fucking bad thing I’ve ever seen. Using the fucking dog because he wants to talk to her. I get it Brandon I’ve been through this, but this is so so low
ohvctr Month ago
Emily Lainez
Emily Lainez Month ago
You guys loved Jackie but the moment she wants to see someone else she gets called gold digger that’s just pathetic 🙄
Mel Flores
Mel Flores Month ago
just why
ybnpatron Month ago
LMFA0 yall jUs rLLy sTUpid . 😭
Unknown Month ago
Brandon really? Using your dog as a lie to see this thing? 🙄 I thought u knew better... She's no good and starts trouble and tells lies
A1mighty LazR
A1mighty LazR Month ago
@Unknown thanks man that was very polite, thats how we should we treat each other, theres something called forgiveness, we know not what we do
Unknown Month ago
@A1mighty LazR 👍Good for you here's a 🍪
A1mighty LazR
A1mighty LazR Month ago
Wtf is wrong with the human race, were calling each other things and all the hate these 2 beautiful people is getting really makes me believe theres a god and a devil
Blake Bing
Blake Bing Month ago
why is she wearing booker on her head
Cza r
Cza r Month ago
She’s playing this idiot
Ant V
Ant V Month ago
Jovana Kingji
Jovana Kingji Month ago
We all know this ain’t just for the dog
Selah Btembke
Selah Btembke Month ago
brandon- seriously?? 😭no don’t do this
TacosC 2004
TacosC 2004 Month ago
she stupid for leading him on too
TacosC 2004
TacosC 2004 Month ago
not him using bookers birthday as an excuse😐
manuel garcia
manuel garcia Month ago
You a weirdo
Z G.
Z G. Month ago
Bruh, I've been out of youtube and i come back to this. I'm out!!! Good luck with that toxic girl
Gonzo Month ago
Bro u don’t link your ex after she does u dirty bruh ur asking to get hurt 😖😖
Stormz Retro
Stormz Retro Month ago
is this the first vud with Jackie?
Alyssa Leon
Alyssa Leon Month ago
Just because it was one time doesn’t mean y’all gotta keep talking in my opinion but all love but doesn’t mean to keep talking 🥱😃
Midway900 Month ago
Ya thank God she is back
Elvira D
Elvira D Month ago
ToXic MIGGY Month ago
Jackie is just fake for this
Brayan !
Brayan ! Month ago
We all know she lost like a 100k on ig and trying to get some clout back
_Justin __
_Justin __ Month ago
Dub this girl already bro she ain’t good to be around no more
SSwagg Month ago
Sucks, we not finna be here for u. Your clinging on to Jackie even after she had moved on for a lil bit. Now she came back cuz he followers dropped and she wants to reel in sim more cash. Don’t come crying to us when she breaks ur heart again
yungbrat Month ago
They both using each other shes using to get views. He's using her coz he knows his fans love Jackie smh Jackie deserves better Brandon broke up with Jackie back in 2016 and expected to take him back after 4 years like shit Brandon's a clown and using booker to see Jackie I hadn't seen him since Jackie left and I'll keep not watching him he deleted the videos saying it's not Jackie's fault and saying she met him before he did youtube so she's not a gold digger why? coz it made himself look bad and made her look good he's selfish only cared about his feelings without considering hers
Camille Jane Del Rosario
dont ever hurt yourself brandon. it hurt me tooooooo.. 😔😔😔
Camille Jane Del Rosario
No!!! 😔😔
Pokenarugoku Month ago
Cringe moment seeing her makes me mad by the people who spoken about her saying things she did so. I use to love jackie but once i heard all the things people said she did it just makes me rethink of her i really don't like jackie to be back but its your choice and i can't stop it. So good luck i guess
Galvan Ramirez
Galvan Ramirez Month ago
Gold digger
Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson 28 days ago
You loved her but then once she wants someone else she is a gold digger how soft and pathetic you are
Big 4x
Big 4x Month ago
You just can’t stop simping huh
yusra sani shehu
Im sooo happy
Jamie Lee Ashton
Yay another Jackie and Brandon video 😊
wisky Month ago
Wtf is this
Rey Sauri
Rey Sauri Month ago
Whatever happens from here on now it’s on u bruh
LeApEd _
LeApEd _ Month ago
Ngl i still dont know why they broke up can someone explain a lil.
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Month ago
Honestly he needs to move on U didn't have to make a video Just give her the dog for a few hours and done
Erica Marie Guerrero
Poor bby brandon :((( he loves her so much
Erica Marie Guerrero
He so in love with her
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
@Erica Marie Guerrero same I feel the same thing as well about Jackie
Erica Marie Guerrero
@Gurinder lotey it’s sad tbh she doesn’t give me genuine vibes for him anymore at all
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Month ago
Brandon is a simp
V12 HopeFully
V12 HopeFully Month ago
I want y’all should date again plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss at least 24 hrs of dating my EX girlfriend
V12 HopeFully
V12 HopeFully Month ago
Big fan man
Mrinal Anagal
Mrinal Anagal Month ago
what the
Yarik Bmte
Yarik Bmte Month ago
I lowkey understand this bc my ex and his ex gf brought a dog together and they take turns taking care of their dog it’s weird but I guess it happens only they didn’t see each other to do the exchange it was their parents
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